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September 29, 2008

University at Albany MBA Faculty Build G3: Going Green Globally

From left, School of Business faculty Paul Miesing and Linda Krzykowski.

From left, UAlbany MBA faculty Paul Miesing and Linda Krzykowski direct the Going Green Globally program.

With the help of a $5,000 innovations grant, a fledgling program to have teams of UAlbany's first-year MBA students evaluate global strategies for companies in the renewable energy sector has taken off and become a success with students and business executives alike.

G3: Going Green Globally was created to simulate the real world, high-intensity environment of managing in a volatile and competitive market. Faculty and scientists team up to evaluate a company and bring the results to the judges during a nine-day project. Among the energy sectors studied are solar and wind energy, fuel cells, and biofuels.
"The Innovative Teaching Grant allowed the School of Business to build G3: Going Green Globally into the capstone integrative component for the full-time MBA program," said Professor Linda M. Krzykowski, vice dean for administration and a managing director of the program with Associate Professor Paul Miesing. The two UAlbany faculty bring business executives into the classroom to make sure that G3 is realistic.

UAlbany students and business coach.

Sweta Bhojak, Meghan Bruen, Shveta Garg, Business Coach Alex Brownstein, Ariele Sussman and Roberta Lombardo.

"Using funds from the grant, we brought experts into G3 from around the School of Business, around the campus, around the Capital Region, and around the country," Krzykowski said.

These experts, from both business and science, worked closely with the MBA students, "allowing them to experience the complexities and challenges facing real organizations that are trying to make a positive impact on the renewable energy sector." 

Among the business development coaches who work with the MBA teams are: Jim Mahoney, former CEO of Dayton Power and Light; Stephen Ricci, a senior research engineer with Battelle Memorial Institute; and Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Sciences John Delano. Professor Pradeep Haldar, head of the NanoEngineering Constellation and director of nanoscience Ph.D. students, provides science support.

An enhanced partnership with Battelle Institute is foreseen to help develop new ideas for the May 2009 G3 program.

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