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UAlbany-Albany High School Alliance for Young Talent Launches Learning Center Tutoring Program at Second Annual Teach-Out
Faculty members and administrators from both schools teach classes at Albany High School on Wednesday, Oct. 18

Catherine Herman (518) 956-8150, University at Albany
Matt Leon (518) 475-6065, City School District of Albany

UAlbany chemistry professor Rabi Ann Musah, right, discusses the day's lesson with Albany High science teacher Anne M. Carroll.

UAlbany chemistry professor Rabi Ann Musah, right, discusses the day's lesson with Albany High science teacher Anne M. Carroll.

ALBANY, N.Y. (October 18, 2006) -- As University at Albany faculty and Albany High School teachers joined forces Wednesday, Oct. 18, for their second annual "teach-out" at the high school, the UAlbany-Albany High School Alliance for Young Talent announced another joint effort -- a new Learning Center tutoring program for Albany High School students.

The Learning Center is an after-school enrichment program staffed by UAlbany students for Albany High School students. Help is available for students in a range of subjects, including English, mathematics and the sciences. The program is held at the high school on Mondays through Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The Learning Center combines tutoring services of the Capital Region Sponsor-A-Scholar program with tutoring services offered through the Liberty Partnership Program at UAlbany's Center for Women in Government and Civil Society, which has committed ten additional volunteer tutors, a counselor, and a Social Welfare intern for the program. The Learning Center is co-sponsored by Bank of America, SEFCU, and Media Logic.

Wednesday's teach-out marks the second time the two schools have held the event. Nearly 40 teachers and administrators from both schools were participating, as City School District administrators and UAlbany professors and administrators paired up with Albany High School educators to teach a class. Superintendent Eva Joseph and UAlbany Vice President for Student Success Dr. James Anderson participated.

"This event is becoming a very important and exciting feature of our broad-based partnership with the University at Albany," Dr. Joseph said. "This event is about our continuing commitment to exposing students to college-like settings and situations. But, the teach-out is also about strengthening the partnership, and bringing staff from each school together to explore what other opportunities we may have to give our students positive, enriching experiences. The Learning Center is a perfect example of these opportunities."

"This endeavor serves as another concrete example of our mutual commitment to attain the positive outcomes associated with educational excellence. We want the faculty pairings to lead to long-term relationships," said Anderson.

At the first teach-out held last October, the District and the University announced the Alliance for Young Talent with the stated aim of leveraging the combined strengths of the District and UAlbany for the development of young talent and the prosperity of the Albany community.

One of the Alliance efforts is a campus visit program that brings all Albany High School freshmen, in groups of 30 - 40 per visit, to UAlbany for a tour and orientation program that includes lunch in a residence dining hall and a panel discussion led by UAlbany students. That program began last year and resumed earlier this month.

The City School District of Albany serves more than 9,000 students in 18 schools: eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, a Pre-K-8 school, one comprehensive high school, and a variety of alternative secondary level programs. Our mission is to prepare all of our students for full and effective participation in our increasingly technological society. The City School District of Albany is in the midst of the most extensive school renovation and building program in the city's history. We are continually breaking new ground in our educational programming. We are tackling our problems with new and effective strategies. Most importantly, our students are enjoying a rich and rewarding education that will send them off superbly prepared to succeed in future endeavors. For more information, please visit, or call (518) 475-6000.


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