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Experts Advisory: The University at Albany's Halloween experts

Contact: Office of Media Relations (518) 437-4980

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The Salem Witch Trials, Garlic and Vampires, Costumes and Culture
Covered by UAlbany's Halloween Experts:

NINETEEN PEOPLE WERE HANGED for the crime of witchcraft in a tiny Massachusetts village in 1692. An infamous passage in American history. But the trials must also be weighed against the 40,000 people put to death in the 200 years prior, in the Great European Witch Hunt. Historian Ron Berger can tell you how and why it happened. More>>

VAMPIRES DREAD GARLIC, but it looks like birds don't care for it much, either. Distinguished professor of chemistry Eric Block offers insight into the peculiar-smelling herb used to ward off creatures of the night on All Hallows Eve. More>>

FRANKENSTEIN OR JOHN KERRY, Dracula or President Bush? Kids (and adults) enjoy Halloween as a time to dress up in their favorite costumes. Art professor Phyllis Galembo has documented the customs behind costumes all over the world. More>>

HALLOWEEN BIGGER THAN CHRISTMAS? Not yet, but it is No. 2, with some estimates show Americans spending $7 billion annually on the night of ghosts and goblins. Sociologist Richard Lachmann explains what has become the culture of Halloween. More>>

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