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UAlbany’s Center for Stress and Anxiety Disorders Offers Help for the Holidays

Contact: Lisa James Goldsberry (518) 437-4980

ALBANY, N.Y. (December 6, 2004) - The scheduling, shopping, decorating and bustle of the holidays produces, for many, more stress than pleasure. Ed Blanchard, director of the University at Albany’s Center for Stress and Anxiety Disorders, offers the following simple tips and reminders for dealing with the stress of the holiday season:

  • It's okay to say "no"-- to parties, get-togethers, shopping excursions, and other holiday activities. Do not over-schedule yourself.
  • Be mindful of, and increase, your calming, relaxing moments - breathe deeply, drink your favorite tea, think pleasant thoughts, take a nap. Whatever safely relaxes you, do it.
  • Abandon your commitment to perfection - the party you're having, the gift you're giving, the outfit you're wearing, etc. doesn’t have to be perfect.

For those dealing with depression and/or loss, the holidays can be particularly difficult. Blanchard offers this advice to people who may not be looking forward to holiday time:

  • Don’t withdraw in misery - talk to people and seek their comfort in times of stress.
  • Seek out those activities you know you enjoy - see a movie, read a book.
  • Reach out to others who are in need.

Blanchard is available for interviews and commentary; contact (518) 437-4980.


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