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The UAlbany-Argentina Connection

July 27, 2009



Five Argentinean MBA students and Carlos Greco, professor and MBA program director for Universidad del Salvador

Argentine MBA students and Carlos Greco, professor and MBA program director for Universidad del Salvador.

School of Business Vice Dean Linda Krzykowski has traveled with UAlbany MBA students to Argentina and worked with the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires (USAL) seven times over the course of a decade.

Krzykowski was there as recently as June 2008, with students from UAlbany's MBA program.

"Buenos Aires is an amazing cosmopolitan city with an Old-World, European feeling," said Krzykowski. "But what always impresses our students the most on our trips is the people. The students of Universidad del Salvador have always gone out of their way to welcome our students into their classes and their homes. The warmth we feel when we go to Buenos Aires is incredible, and it permeates their business practices. It impacts our students in profound ways."

Krzykowski opened her home to her Argentinean colleagues and students for a dessert party during their recent visit here.

The two schools have a relationship dating to 1995. UAlbany President George Philip reauthorized a cooperative agreement with USAL just last year. Argentina is the second largest country in South America, and is one of the world's major producers of agriculture.

Joining Krzykowski were five MBA students from Argentina and USAL MBA Program Director and Professor Carlos Greco, who visited UAlbany from May 28 June 3.

They took part in the Evening MBA program, where students were discussing international business, and the Weekend MBA program, where the topics were economics and finance. They also toured the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE).

UAlbany faculty and staff and visitors from Universidad del Salvador.

Front row: USAL MBA students. Back row, from left: Professor Giri Kumar Tayi; Fernando Gomez-Baquero (doctoral student from the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering); Associate Professor Lakshmi Mohan (in front); Associate Professor Christopher Faugere (behind); Professor Carlos Greco (USAL MBA program director); Lecturer Jerry Shaye; Associate Professor Cecilia Falbe; Associate Professor Paul Miesing; James Pasquill, Office of International Education; and School of Business Vice Dean Linda Krzykowski.

Since about 1995, UAlbany School of Business faculty have taught courses in one-week intensive classes in Buenos Aires in USAL's MBA program.

After all those trips, Krzykowski has developed an appreciation for the food, the wine, and the music of Argentina. A group of UAlbany MBA alumni who have traveled to Buenos Aires with her over the years will meet over Argentina's wine specialty a Malbec - in the near future.

"There are groups of students who still keep in touch with their Argentine counterparts a decade later. We are thrilled that we can reciprocate and welcome them into our classes," said Krzykowski.


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