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Alumni Scholarships Open Window into UAlbany’s Rich Past

February 9, 2009



Albert Husted

Albert Husted, namesake of Husted Hall.

Albert Husted, a long-time mathematics professor retired in 1905 after years of dedicated service to UAlbany. He was also a Civil War veteran, as well as an 1855 graduate of what was then known as the State Normal School. Bertha Brimmer, class of 1900, was a devoted advocate of education and an early executive director of the Alumni Association. Their stories and devotion to UAlbany continue to help students today, through scholarships named to honor significant individuals in the history of the University.

The UAlbany Alumni Association is offering five scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students for the 2009-2010 academic year. Applications are due March 2, 2009.

"Opportunities for students to complete their education are created through these scholarships," said Alumni Association Executive Director Lee Serravillo, Jr. "In many instances, it is a way to support those individuals who have most recently become alumni. We look at these scholarships as one more way we can help maintain traditions and make UAlbany stronger."

Agnes Futterer fencing with Arthur Lenig.

Agnes Futterer, at right, fencing with Arthur Lenig.

Applications are being accepted for:

  • The Bertha E. Brimmer Legacy Scholarship, created in 2005 in honor of Brimmer, Class of 1900, an early executive director of the Alumni Association and a devoted advocate of education. This $1,500 award is granted to a legacy, a current or incoming freshman or transfer student who is the child or grandchild of an alum.
  • The Agnes E. Futterer Memorial Fellowship ($1,000), awarded to a senior entering graduate study in theatre or a related field at UAlbany or any other accredited institution.  The Theatre Alumni Association created the fellowship to honor the memory of Futterer, professor of English and drama at UAlbany from 1917 to 1959. 
  • The Class of 1972 Scholarship ($750) is awarded to a graduating UAlbany senior planning to enter full-time graduate study at the University during the next academic year.
  • The Albert N. Husted Fellowship ($1,000) goes to a senior planning full-time graduate study in any discipline at the University or any other accredited university.  This gift was established by UAlbany alumni in honor of Husted, a mathematics professor, when he retired in 1905. Husted, an 1855 graduate of the State Normal School and the namesake of Husted Hall, was also a founder of the 44th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, which fought in 17 battles in the Civil War.
  • The Adna W. Risley Memorial Scholarship ($500) is awarded to a UAlbany senior seeking a graduate degree in history, and was set up in 1946 to honor Risley, a professor of history at UAlbany from 1909-1939. Applications are available at the Alumni Association, Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid offices. For more information, call Melissa Samuels at (518) 442-3083. 

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