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Res Life Learning Outcomes Winners: Inviting, Intellectual, Inclusive

January 26, 2009



UAlbany student Rashaun Allen and Director of Residential Life Laurie Garafola

Rashaun Allen created a financial outline for students. He is shown with Director of Residential Life Laurie Garafola. (Photo Mark Schmidt)  

Learning does not end in the classroom at UAlbany. Each semester, Residential Life staff and students offer hundreds of programs for students in the residence halls on topics ranging from learning about other cultures to managing your money.

Through the Learning Outcomes Showcase, programs that improve life in the residence halls in one of six ways are highlighted and the best ones selected. They need to:

• Promote mutual respect
• Make a positive contribution to the community
• Overcome challenges
• Display life skills
• Show leadership
• Demonstrate pride in UAlbany

Rashaun Allen, a senior Finance/Management and English major from Brooklyn, offered a financial outline to help students manage funds from their work-study or other part-time job to make sure their bills are paid. "So if I go out at the end of the week, I have so much to spend rather than scrambling," said Allen, who was recognized for his program during a Learning Outcomes awards ceremony on Jan. 20.

Whitney Sperrazza, an English major from Buffalo, N.Y., created a multicultural night, which offered music, food, and dance from Japan, China, and Latin America.  Sperrazza said her goal was to raise "awareness about people from different cultures." She said UAlbany is diverse, and added students may live with others from many different cultures and religions, with which they are not at first familiar.

“These programs truly bring meaning to our departmental mission of making our residence halls and apartments inviting, intellectual, and inclusive,” said Director of Residential Life Laurie Garafola.

Whitney Sperrazza was recognized for creating a multicultural event.

Whitney Sperrazza created a multicultural event. (Photo Mark Schmidt) 

   Fall 2008 Residential Life Learning Outcomes Showcase Winners

Demonstrate Behaviors of Mutual Respect
• Gold - Whitney Sperrazza for University Apartments Invites the World
• Silver - LaShaina Shakes for Gaydar
• Bronze - Denise Cruz for Crossing Over: To What Extent Are You Willing to Go?
• Bronze - Danielle Jettoo for What's with All of the Vacations? 

 Positively Contribute to their Community
• Gold - Michelle Villaprino-Gonzalez and Gifty Ameyaw for
 Walk with Me
• Silver - Akua Awuah for Sweet Dreams
• Bronze - Nicole Fox, Akwasi Danso, Jessica
    Wood, Liam Staley, Adam Herod, Diana Nikonchuk, Vincent Randazzo, Brett Baschnagel, Leah Rotella, Danielle Jettoo
for Tower of  Terror: Movie Addition
• Bronze - Kenneth Burford, Chantal Irwin, Veronique Laroque for Do You Know Who Will Be the Next President of the United States?

 Work to Overcome Challenges
•  Gold - Diana Perry for Tryna Make a Dollar Outta 15 Cents
•  Silver - Dan Foerste for Step Up
•  Silver - Kim Williams for Graduate School Expo
•  Bronze - Robert Green for There is Always a "Bull Market" Somewhere!
•  Bronze - Carla Neckles for The Voices of Children

Display Life Skills
• Gold - Rashaun Allen for Stackin'
• Silver - Tiffany Williams for D.I.Y.: Learn How to Do It Yourself
• Bronze - Janelle Murphy for Let's Get Down to Business

 Demonstrate Leadership Skills
• Gold - Allyson Kocivar for A Pizza Party Fit for a Princess
• Silver - Debbra-Kay Grant for My Room is Hate Free

Exhibit Pride in the University at Albany
• Gold - Tamara Gonzalez, Anthony Phipps, Warren Isaac for Hall Olympics
• Silver - Michelle Berkowitz for You Don't Know Jack About UAlbany
• Silver - Racquel Eustache for What's Your IQ?
• Bronze - Gifty Ameyaw, Pernel Wilfred for Come on State Quad, Let's Tie Dye
Learning Community All-Star
• Nicholas Jarret for You Are What You Eat 

Campus All-Stars
• Sonya Meaders, Mary Ellen Mallia, Jovan Starks, Cleon Grey for Energy Campaign – Do It in the Dark 


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