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Campus News

Internal Controls

(May 6, 2005)

President Kermit L. Hall’s plan to revamp and reactivate the University at Albany’s Internal Controls Program has begun, with the names of members proposed for a new Internal Controls Steering Committee.

Responsibility for the Internal Controls Program and compliance have been assigned to the Division for Finance and Business.

Proposed members include: Kathy Lowery, internal control officer for Finance and Business; Leo Neveu, internal control coordinator; Vince Delio representing President Hall; Bill Hedberg representing the Provost’s office and Academic Affairs; Chris Bouchard for Student Affairs; Lynn Videka for the Office of Research; Vesna Gjaja for the Advancement division; Jim Walser representing the Internal Audit office; Jack Menzies, Information Technology security officer; and Janet Thayer of the University Counsel’s office.

According to New York State and SUNY mandates and guidelines, UAlbany must establish an Internal Controls Steering Committee. A campus-wide risk assessment program will be developed, implemented, and provided to all units. Annual reporting is required by the state and SUNY.