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From left to right: Chittibabu Guda, Igor Kuznetsov, Scott Tenenbaum, Paulette McCormick, Julio Aguirre-Ghiso, Thomas Begley, and Doug Conklin. (See story for full photo)Looking for a Slam Dunk in Cancer Research
(October 8, 2004)
Their work is full of complex scientific terms like “alkylating agents” and “metastatic disease.” Yet several bright young scientists at UAlbany’s Gen*NY*Sis Center for Excellence in Cancer Genomics (GCECG) at the east campus describe a few reasons for working in cancer genomics that we can all understand. More>>

Michael Steinhardt was awarded the Medallion of the University, the University at Albany's highest honor.UAlbany Center for Jewish Studies Honors Philanthropist
(October 8, 2004)
The University at Albany awarded philanthropist Michael Steinhardt the Medallion of the University, the institution’s highest honor, at the 2004 Center for Jewish Studies celebration on September 22 at The Riverview in Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. The award recognizes Steinhardt’s distinguished leadership in the Jewish community, extraordinary commitment to perpetuating Jewish life, and innovative approaches to education. More>>

Siqi Zhang is a winner of the UUP Link Scholarship.EOP’s Zhang Wins Link Scholarship
(October 8, 2004)
UAlbany senior Siqi (pronounced See-kee) Zhang, 22, taught herself English by reading grammar books while growing up in China. Then she practiced pronouncing the words by watching American movies over and over until she could repeat the dialogue along with the movie stars. She also read British novels in English in her home town of Harbin, in the People’s Republic of China, near the border with Russia. More>>

Matthew RamigeBecker’s Son Survives Montana Plane Crash
(October 8, 2004)
As an assistant professor in UAlbany’s School of Business, Wendy S. Becker has been in the national news before, talking on National Public Radio about the need for trained forensic scientists to handle a backlog of DNA criminal cases. When her son’s plane went down in the mountainous terrain of Montana last month, however, Becker was in the news for a much more personal story. More>>

Visions of Haiti: Vodou and Carnaval & Jacmel. Les INdiens (The Indians), Cibachrome print, 1997, Courtesy of Diego Corte Arte Ltd., New YorkAlbany Institute of History & Art Features Exhibits by UAlbany’s Galembo
(October 8, 2004)
UAlbany Professor of Art Phyllis Galembo’s photographs are featured in three exhibitions at the Albany Institute of History & Art that explore magic, mystery, and the power of transformation through costume and masquerade. The institute is at 125 Washington Ave. More>>

Clash of the Quads
(October 8, 2004)
Clash of the Quads winning team from State Quad. University residence hall students competed in a friendly rivalry called Clash of the Quads October 2-3.
The event is a tradition that began at UAlbany when it was the New York State College for Teachers.
Clash of the Quads winning team from State Quad.

Summer Youth Technology Institute Prepares Urban Youth for Tech Valley.Summer Youth Technology Institute Prepares Urban Youth for Tech Valley
(October 8, 2004)
The Center for Urban Youth and Technology (CUYT) held the fifth annual summer institute at the School of Education from July 6-23. With 50 students participating, this was the largest summer institute to date. More>>



M. Dolores Cimini, Ph.D., Thomas Gebhardt, and Catherine Herman gave a presentation July 22 at the National Social Norms Conference in Chicago, Ill.
Cimini is director of the Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program at the University Counseling Center. Gebhardt is director of Personal Safety and Off-Campus Affairs. Herman is associate vice president for Media and Marketing.
The title of the presentation was Takin’ It to the Streets: Developing and Implementing a Successful Social Norms Campaign Targeting Long-Term Neighbors in the Community. Social norms media campaign materials developed for this project earned first prize for Excellence in Community Relations among nominations submitted from across the 64-campus State University of New York system.

Professor of Mathematics R. Michael Range was one of four mathematicians to win the distinguished Lester R. Ford award this summer in Providence, R.I. The awards are presented by the Mathematical Society of America for articles of expository excellence published in the American Mathematical Monthly. Range won for “Complex Analysis: A Brief Tour into Higher Dimensions,” published February 2003, pp. 89-108. Born in Germany and raised in Italy, Range first came to the U.S. on a Fulbright Exchange Fellowship. He earned a Ph.D. from UCLA and has published many research articles in multidimensional complex analysis. A frequent visitor abroad, he is fluent in five languages. He is the author of Holomorphic Functions and Integral Representations in Several Complex Variables (Springer-Verlag, 1986), which was recently reprinted and was reproduced in the People’s Republic of China.

Professor of Philosophy Bonnie Steinbock gave a presentation on Moral Status, Moral Value, and Human Embryos September 10 at a conference at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, S.C. The conference was the Thomas A. Pitts Memorial Lectureship on Defining the Beginning and the End of Human Life: Implications for Ethics, Policy, and Law. Steinbock’s books and articles range broadly in bioethics, with emphasis on ethical problems around early development and the time of death.

Wander Falette, a junior, and Dennis Sullivan, an adjunct professor in the School of Criminal Justice, were named recipients of the first American Society of Criminology Minority Scholar/Mentor Research Grants. Falette and Sullivan will use the grant to examine the unique model of restorative justice that has been practiced in Northern Ireland, and assess whether the model is applicable to countries in Latin America, especially the Dominican Republic, Falette’s country of origin. Restorative justice is a systematic response to wrongdoing that emphasizes healing the wounds of victims, offenders, and communities caused by criminal behavior. The grant provides Falette with a $5,000 stipend his junior year, $5,000 his senior year, and up to $1,500 in travel expenses in order to make a presentation of the findings at the society’s 2005 annual meeting in Toronto. Three other minority scholar/mentor teams were named.