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Faculty/Staff News

Employee Recognition Luncheon

Retiring faculty and staff, and employees who have completed 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of dedicated service to the University at Albany, were honored on February 12 at a luncheon in the Campus Center Ballroom on the uptown campus.

Kenneth P. Able, Biology
Sandra A. Beberwyk, University Libraries
Julius S. Chang, ASRC
Carol A. DeLisle, University Libraries
Judith Fetterley, English
Barbara J. Geene, Mail & Messenger Services
Martin E. Herlands, General Studies & Summer Sessions
John Kekes, Philosophy
Jacqueline L. Lee, Professional Development Program
Carmelo R. Lento, Information Technology Services
Rosalie Lux, Institute for Traffic Safety Management
Warren Meisner, Chartwell’s Dining Services
Joseph Michalsky, ASRC
John Palma, Physical Plant
Keith Ratcliff, Physics
Linda Sajan, Classics
M. Anne Sullivan, English
Albert F. Sweet, Physical Plant
JoAnn Weatherwax, President’s Office
Alan H. Wilson, Physical Plant
Mary L. Wren, Physical Plant

40 Years of Service:
Richard H. Kendall, History
Robert F. McMorris, Educational Psychology & Statistics
John C. Overbeck, Classics
Warren E. Roberts, History

35 Years of Service:
Judith Axenson, NYS Writers Institute
Lindsay N. Childs, Mathematics & Statistics
Martin Edelman, Political Science
Janice A. Green, Human Resources Management
Marguerite C. Hill, Student Affairs
Jon W. Jacklet, Biology
Linda A. Keane, Center for Technology in Government
H. Peter Krosby, History
David R. Long, Academic Computing
Wendell G. Lorang, Institutional Research
Panchita Miller, Chartwell’s Dining Services
Sharon Monroe, Student Loan Services Center
Richard C. O’Neil, Mathematics & Statistics
Mary Osielski, University Libraries
Maxine H. Peacock, Student Life
Mario A. Prividera, Physics
Herman P. Salomon, Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Malcolm J. Sherman, Mathematics & Statistics
Helen M. Somich, Philosophy
Charles D. Tarlton, Political Science
Donald R. Wilken, Mathematics & Statistics

30 Years of Service:
Henryk Baran, Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Judith E. Barlow, English
Alma M. Bedford, Bursar
Jeffrey Berman, English
Barbara J. Bodner, Student Accounts
John M. Canto, University Police Department
Carmelinda M. Colfer, Educational Administration & Policy Studies
Jeffrey L. Cummings, Physical Plant
Stephen E. Delong, Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Mark A. Greenwold, Art
Floyd M. Henderson, Geography & Planning
Monique Hynes, Registrar’s Office
Robert W. Jarvenpa, Anthropology
Patricia E. Keller, Computer Science
Sung Bok Kim, History
John S. Levato, School of Business
Arthur Z. Loesch, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Kristina K. Lounello, Accounting
Robert J. Lounello, Computing Center
Thad W. Mirer, Economics
John M. Murphy, Student Affairs
Rodney L. Patterson, Languages, Literatures & Cultures
R. Michael Range, Mathematics & Statistics
Linda M. Reeves, University Libraries
Jacqueline Rice, Psychology
Martha T. Rozett, English
Robert E. Sanders, Communication
Charles P. Scholes, Chemistry
Kay L. Shaffer, University Libraries
Marianne E. Simon, CAS Computing Services
Paul W. Wallace, Classics
Rodney Wojnar, Chartwell’s Dining Services

25 Years of Service:
Glen S. Allen, Physical Plant
Jonathan T. Bartow, Graduate Studies
Donald A. Biggs, Counseling Psychology
Christine E. Bose, Sociology
Brian Chrapowitzky, Physical Plant
Raymond P. Coco, Information Technology Client Services
Billie Jean Delacey, University Libraries
Helen Desfosses, Public Administration
Bruce C. Dieffenbach, Economics
Bruce C. Dudek, Psychology
David E. Duffee, School of Criminal Justice
Vincent T. Franconere, Environmental Health & Safety
Phyllis J. Galembo, Art
Mary Genovesi, Biology
Roger D. Gifford, University Libraries
Janice C. Jacobson, Computing Center
Michael Knox, Physical Plant
Michael A. Lascoe, University Police Department
Charles F. Lillie, Physical Plant
Kathryn K. Lowery, Finance & Business
Bruce L. Miroff, Political Science
Vincent Morawski Jr., Physical Plant
Robert P. Nolan, Physical Plant
Stephen M. North, English
Robert A. Piche, Physical Plant
Gail Redick, Human Resources Management
Deborah B. Rickes, University Applications Development
William D. Roth, School of Social Welfare
Kwadwo A. Sarfoh, Africana Studies
Janine D. Schultz, Institute for Traffic
Safety Management
Michael J. Sellie, Physical Plant
Steven Sellie, Physical Plant
Hany A. Shawky, Finance
Judith A. Stanley, Counseling Center
Helga Straif-Taylor, Anthropology
Bruce B. Svare, Psychology
Carole F. Sweeton, Information Technology Client Services
Richard L. Townsend, Facilities Management
Sylvia M. Ulion, Athletics & Recreation
Mary B. Valentis, English
Michael R. Werner, Classics
Marvin Miller, University Police Department
Joan Newman, Educational Psychology & Statistics
Gus F. Polli, University Police Department
Susan Pozniak, Residential Life
Allan J. Provost, Physical Plant
Glenn Sanders, Psychology
Ernest Scatton, Anthropology
Thomas J. Sellie, Physical Plant
Martha C. Smith, University Health Center
Richard S. Zitomer, Biology