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University at Albany Commission Develops Diversity Definition

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Carlos Santiago has approved a new University at Albany definition of “diversity.” The definition is the result of a two-year process by members of the 2002-04 University Commission for Diversity and Affirmative Action (UCDAA) to make clear and unmistakable the meaning of the word diversity at UAlbany. The University administration and the UCDAA are publicizing the definition campus-wide in order to enable all who read about the University at Albany and its programs -- students, faculty, and staff – to understand the University’s commitment to the inclusion and representation by a diverse assortment of people, ideas and approaches in the context of UAlbany’s mission and goals.

The full definition is here:

2002-2004 Commission members who helped to develop the University’s definition of diversity are: Jose Cruz, chair, 2002-’03, Laurel Allen (ex-officio), D. Ekow King, Deborah Lafond, Dolores Cimini, Diane Cardone (ex-officio), Kari Taylor, Christopher Bischoff (ex-officio), Lani Jones, Librada Pimentel-Brown, Mark Anthony Neal, Vivien E. Zazzau, Janelle Hobson, Bruce Szelest, Arleney Alvaraz, Gottlieb Jhica, Tokunbo Akinbajo, Christopher Fernando, Shai Brown, chair, 2003-’04.