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Campus News

Campus News

New Campus Web-based Calendar is Coming

A new Web-based calendar of UAlbany events is in development with a target launch date of September 2004. The goal is to provide comprehensive, up-to-date, and easily accessible information about the broad range of University events, programs, and activities.

Staff from across the University will be able to submit and manage info about events in their areas of responsibility, and all who access the calendar will be able to choose how they view information, i.e. by day, week or month, or by areas of interest, such as arts, athletics, and student events. The new calendar will offer features not available through the daily Today@UAlbany newsletter, which lists events and announcements.

The Office of Media and Marketing, which is developing the calendar, held an initial meeting May 26 with staff from across the campus who currently manage or contribute to calendars of events for their specific units. Feedback from staff will help shape the structure of the calendar. Training classes will be held in the months ahead for those who will administer unit calendars.

“The participation of people across our entire University is key to the calendar’s success,” said Catherine Herman, associate vice president for the Office of Media and Marketing.