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Campus News

Campus News

Hitchcock Wins 2004 Bread & Roses Award

By Anna Z. Radkowski-Lee

Outgoing President Karen R. Hitchcock received the 2004 Bread & Roses Award for her many contributions to gender equity at the University at Albany. A positive role model and an active supporter of the University’s women’s community throughout her eight-year tenure as president and her four-year tenure as vice president, she has provided for two Initiatives For Women (IFW) Presidential Awards. The new Karen R. Hitchcock New Frontier Fund will provide monetary awards to women doctoral students.

Katharine H. Briar-Lawson, dean of the School of Social Welfare, kicked off the celebration by welcoming the guests. City of Albany Treasurer Betty Barnette provided the keynote address “Women Bridging the Gap: Women as Leaders.” Barnette’s talk was lively and inspiring, and she stressed the need to be ready to alter one’s life plans at any time.

The 18th annual award was presented to Hitchcock during the 20th Annual Spring Celebration by two University at Albany professors emeritae, Francine Wattman Frank and Joan Schulz. Frank taught Spanish, linguistics, and women’s studies and served as dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. Joan Schulz, one of the founders of the Department of Women’s Studies, taught courses in American literature and in women’s studies.

The celebration included remarks from Alison Ciesielski Olin, chair of the Women’s Concerns Committee; and, Carol Anne Germain, past co-chair of the Council of Women’s Groups. Judith Johnson recited a poem she wrote for this occasion. The celebration concluded with all attendees singing the Bread and Roses anthem.

The University at Albany Council of Women’s Groups annually presents the Bread and Roses Award to individuals and groups who promote gender equity on campus.