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UAlbany In The News

by Lisa James Goldsberry

The May 15 broadcast of National Public Radio featured a story which quoted Don Orokos and Joe Mascarenhas of the Department of Biological Sciences and Wendy Becker of the School of Business. W. Mark Dale, director of the NYC Forensics Lab and a student in UAlbany’s executive MBA program, was also quoted in the story. The topic of the piece was the current pressure to solve more crimes using DNA technology. However, with labs nationwide being short-staffed and suffering from high turnover, lab quality problems result. Reporter Larry Abramson cited forensics training programs like UAlbany’s new master’s program in forensic science as one solution. Becker was quoted as saying, “The way the field is going, it’s becoming increasingly automated.” Orokos added, “We’re training these people to think like scientists.”

The August 29 issue of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution featured quotes by Betty Daniel, chair of the Depart ment of Economics. The article, “Georgia’s Jobs, Work Force Shrink: U.S. Unemployment Claims Stay at a Worrisome Level,” focused on how the labor market is down despite signs showing a strengthening economy. According to the article, in 2003 the U.S. economy has lost jobs in every month except January. Nationally, the number of people filing for jobless claims was up and continues to hover near recession levels. Daniel was quoted as saying, “Everyone expected the economy to pick up by now, and during all previous recoveries, jobs pick up, too.” She added, “I don’t think the experts know exactly what’s going on here.”

The August 13 issue of Newsday featured UAlbany student Ryan Fitzpatrick, a theatre and history major from Sayville, N.Y. The article, “Living – and Laboring – In the Past,” focused on a group of college students who swap the comforts of 2003 for two weeks of hard work, circa 1855, at Old Bethpage Village Restora tion. The students were testing a pilot internship that aims to give participants firsthand knowledge of what life would have been like for a Long Island farm family living in 1855. They slept in replica rope beds, rose with the roosters, and had to learn new skills such as milking cows and cooking meals over a hearth.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on $850 million pouring into nanosciences research at UAlbany. Full Story>>



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