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Graduate Bulletin
Graduate Bulletin Homepage |School of Education |Graduate Program Curricula | Dual Masters in Special Education and Literacy - 67 Credits (2 years)

Dual Masters in Special Education and Literacy - 67 Credits (2 years)

This program is for applicants who DO NOT hold NYS Initial Teacher Certification in Childhood Education. It leads to three New York State Certifications: Childhood Education, Special Education at the Childhood level, and Literacy at the Birth to Grade 6 level. This program requires intensive practicum and internship experiences and is the only program at the University at Albany that will permit a student without a Childhood Education certificate to receive certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities. This is the only program at Albany that provides certification in elementary education.

Required Courses - 52 Credits
E Psy 521 (3)
E Psy 615 (3)
E Rdg 500 (3)
E Rdg 600 (3)
E Rdg 610 (3)
E Rdg 620 (6)
E Spe 564 (3)
E Spe 565 (3)
E Spe 580 (3)
E Spe 650 (3)
E Spe 651 (3)
E Spe 652 (3)
E Spe 653 (3)
E Spe 654 (3)
E Spe 680 (6)
E Spe 681 (1)

Elective Courses – 15 Credits
Choose 2 courses for 6 credits (6)

E Psy 502 (3)
E Psy 540 (3)
E Psy 610 (3)
E Psy xxx (3) as approved
Choose 1 course for 3 credits (3)
E Spe 551 (3)
E Spe 560 (3)
E Spe 561 (3)
Choose 2 courses for 6 credits (6)
E Rdg 504 (3)
E Rdg 615 (3)
E Rdg 625 (3)
E Rdg 638 (3)
E Rdg 655 (3)

Students have an option of taking an additional course, E Spe 567, Inclusive Middle Childhood Education, for 3 credits to obtain Initial/Professional Middle Childhood Certification and Middle Childhood Students with Disabilities, 5-9.


Last updated on 7/10/2008