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Graduate Bulletin
Graduate Bulletin Homepage | Admission and Graduate Requirements

Admission and Graduate Requirements

  • General Admissions Requirements
    • Programs and Courses
    • Application Procedures
    • Applicants for Nondegree Study
    • Applicants for Study Leading to a Master's Degree
    • Applicants for Study Leading to a Certificate of Advanced Study or to a Doctoral Degree
    • International Students
    • Intensive English Language Program
    • Formal Admission
  • Graduate Regulations and Degree Requirements
    • Registration Policies and Procedures
      • Registration
      • Unit of Academic Credit
      • Significance of Course Numbers
      • Course Numbers
      • Student Responsibility
      • Course Load
      • Regulations Governing the Transfer of Credit to a Graduate Program
      • Graduate Credit Requirements
      • Registration in Shared Resource Courses
      • Undergraduate-Graduate Study
      • Program Changes and Withdrawal
      • Official Leave of Absence from a Graduate Program
      • Auditing Courses
      • Independent Study
      • Faculty and Professional Staff-Conflict of Interest
      • Attendance
      • Section 224-a of the Education Law: Students unable because of religious beliefs to attend classes on certain days
      • Degree Application
    • Academic Standards
      • Graduate Grades
      • Grading of Graduate Courses
      • Standards of Academic Integrity
      • Examples of Academic Dishonesty
      • Penalties and Procedures
      • Exceptions to Regulations
      • Procedures for Resolving Academic Grievances
      • Reinstatement
  • Policy for Freedom of Expression
  • Regulations and Requirements Governing the Master's Degree
    • Master's Degrees Conferred
    • Credit Requirements
    • Residence Study
    • Transfer Credit
    • Full-time Study in Residence
    • Field of Specialization
    • Research Tool Requirement
    • Seminar and Thesis Requirement
    • Special Field Examination
    • Statute of Limitations
    • General Regulations Governing the Master's Thesis
  • Combined Baccalaureate-Master's Degree Programs
    • Standards and Requirements
    • Admissions and Administrative Procedures
  • Dual Master's Degree Programs
    • Standards and Requirements
    • Admissions and Administrative Procedures
  • Policy of Advanced Standing and Resident Study for a Second Master's Degree
  • Regulations and Requirements Governing the Certificates of Advanced Study
    • Certificate of Advanced Study Award
    • Credit Requirement
    • Residence Study and Advanced Standing
    • Full-Time Study in Residence
    • Comprehensive Examination
    • Statutes of Limitations
  • Regulations and Requirements Governing the Doctoral Degree
    • Doctoral Degrees Conferred
    • Credit Requirements
    • Residence Study and Advanced Standing
    • Doctoral Study in Residence
    • Research Tools
    • General Regulations Governing Research Tool Requirements
    • Comprehensive Examination
    • Admission to Candidacy
    • Continuous Registration of Doctoral Students
    • Statutes of Limitations
    • Policies Pertaining to the Doctoral Dissertation
  • Faculty Eligibility to Teach Graduate Courses
  • Student Complaints
    • How to File a Complaint
    • Complaint Resolution

    Last updated on 7/10/2008