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Graduate Bulletin Homepage |School of Business | Marketing Courses

Courses in Marketing

Mkt 522 Marketing Management (3)

This course focuses on the influence of the marketplace in shaping an organization’s product mix, and pricing, distribution, and communication strategies to serve various customer segments.  Through an integrated marketing strategy, the goal is to create high levels of customer satisfaction, thereby leading to long-term profitability for the organization.  Topics include: defining the market; problems in implementing a customer relationship plan; building brand equity; assessing competitors; customer retention; customer lifetime value; and customer relationship marketing.  Prerequisite: Completion of 15 graduate credits.

Mkt 601 Marketing Research (3)

Course content includes research design, questionnaire development, survey research, attitude research, data coding and analysis, experimentation, observation, projective techniques, test marketing, product research, and advertising research. Student teams will develop a detailed research proposal for a segmentation study, and will develop a questionnaire, set up computer files, conduct data analysis, and prepare written reports with managerial recommendations. Prerequisites: Mkt 522.

Mkt 602 Commercializing New Ventures (3)

Peter Drucker, in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, says that successful entrepreneurial businesses must systematically change the values and satisfactions customers obtain from a company’s distinctive competencies and resources.  In this course we implement this idea and guide students in developing actionable marketing plans for their new products.  Prerequisite: Mkt 522.

Mkt 603 Topics in Marketing I (3)

Advanced study of topics selected from among the following: organizational buying decisions, international marketing, consumer behavior, advertising strategy, media planning, development of advertising copy, and marketing decisions involving product, pricing distribution, or promotion.  May be repeated for credit when topic differs.  Prerequisites: Mkt 522.

Mkt 604 Marketing Strategy and Policy (3)

This course explores competitive brand strategy over the life of a product.  Topics include strategies for pioneering brands, strategies for late entry, growth strategies, strategies for mature and declining products.  This is accomplished through a mix of cases, presentations and lectures.  Prerequisite: Mkt 522.

Mkt 680 Selected Topics in Marketing (3)

Intensive study of topics in marketing. Topics may include product management, new product development, management of innovation, use of microcomputers for marketing decisions, retailing, and industrial marketing. May be repeated for credit when topic differs. Prerequisite: Mkt 522.

Mkt 693 Field Study in Marketing (3)

Field projects are conducted by students under faculty supervision in a variety of business and not-for-profit organizations. The projects provide students with an opportunity to apply and further develop their skills in marketing. This is a two-semester course; it must be repeated for 3 credits. Prerequisites: Mkt 522 and permission of the department chairperson.

Mkt 695 Independent Study in Marketing (1-3)

The student and instructor jointly develop a plan of independent study on an advanced topic in marketing. The student is usually required to prepare a report or paper. May be repeated for a total of 3 credits. Prerequisites: Mkt 522 and permission of instructor and department chairperson.

Mkt 698 Research Project in Marketing (3)

The objective of this course is to train students to undertake in-depth research in the area of marketing.  Students should choose a topic in the area of marketing that would be of most interest to them.  This topic can pertain to academic research or business application.  Students are expected to submit a 20 page report at the end of the semester.  This report should include an introduction, relevant literature and/or background, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations.  Students will feature the main findings from their research in poster form during the 698 seminar to be held at the end of the semester.  Prerequisite: Mkt 522 and two 600 level marketing courses.


Last updated on 7/10/2008