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Men of the Normal School Company

Name Rank Enrollment Location Enrollment Date Hometown Home County College Standing
Adams, Willam R. Private Albany 8/30/1862

Barrick, Thompson Corp Albany 8/14/1862 Varick Seneca State Normal 1861
Barrick, John L. Private Varick 8/29/1862 Varick Seneca State Normal 1860
Blakely, James O. Corp Albany 9/20/1862 Elma Erie State Normal 1862
Burgess, Lafayette L. Private Albany 8/30/1862

Burke, James H. Musician Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Burnham, Dyer F. Private Albany 8/30/1862

Burnham, Leander T. Private Albany 8/30/1862

Burroughs, Sidney W. Private Albany 8/18/1862 Varick Seneca State Normal Undergrad
Burtless, Mahlon Private Seneca Falls 8/30/1862

Butler, John W. Private N. Greenbush 8/30/1862

Campbell, Hicks Private Romulus 8/30/1862

Chafee, Andrew J. Private Albany 9/20/1862

Claus, David Private Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Cogswell, Franklin Corp Albany 8/14/1862 Pine Valley Chemung State Normal 1862
Comstock, Joshua K. Private Albany 8/14/1862

Crawford, Harvey Private Albany 8/14/1962

Cronin, Albert H. Private Wheatland 8/25/1862

Darling, Robert B. Private Albany 8/14/1862 Watervliet Albany State Normal 1862
Dempsey, Thomas Sgt N. Greenbush 8/30/1862

Dennis, Henry C. Private Romulus 9/30/1862

Dickson, George H. Private Albany 8/30/1862 Webster Monroe State Normal Undergrad
Dorrance, Charles F. Private Albany 8/14/1862

Douglass, Eugene Private Albany 8/14/1862

Eastman, Frederick Private Albany 8/14/1862 Wheatland Monroe State Normal Undergrad
Eldred, Moses Private Albany 8/14/1862

Emmons, Elmer J. Private Albany 8/18/1862

Esmay, Aaron H. Private Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Facer, Seward Private Varick 8/30/1862 Varick Seneca

Ferris, David F. Private Albany 8/14/1962 Cortlandt Westchester State Normal Undergrad
Ferris, James Private N. Greenbush 8/25/1862

Gaffney, Michael Private N. Greenbush 8/25/1862

Gardner, Robert W. Private Albany 9/22/1862 Seward Schoharie

Gregory, David Private N. Greenbush 8/30/1862

Hanes, John Private Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Harris, David S. Private Varick 8/30/1862 Varick Seneca

Hocknell, John Private N. Greenbush 9/3/1862

Hull, Andress B. Private Albany 8/19/1862 Lewisboro Westchester State Normal 1862
Hunt, Orson Private Syracuse 9/3/1862

Husted, Albert N. 2nd Liuet Albany 9/6/1862
Dutchess State Normal 1855
Kidd, William 1st Lieut Albany 8/30/1962 Albany Albany

Kimball, Rodney G. Captain Albany 9/6/1862

State Normal Professor
Laffin, John Private Albany 8/25/1862

Leek, John Private Varick 8/31/1862 Varick Seneca

Mackey, John Private N. Greenbush 8/30/1862

Mahoney, Thomas J. Private Albany 8/30/1862

Marcley, Martin D. Musician Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Mason, Frederick Private N. Greenbush 9/2/1862

McBlain, Samuel Corp Albany 8/14/1862 Seneca Ontario State Normal 1861
McBlain, George Private Albany 8/28/1862 Seneca Ontario State Normal Undergrad
McDufee, Cyrus F. Private Varick 8/30/1862 Varick Seneca State Normal Undergrad
McDuffey, Robert Private Romulis 8/30/1862

McDuffey, Darwin C. Private Varick 8/30/1862 Varick Seneca

McGovern, John Private N. Greenbush 8/21/1862

Miller, Erastus Private Otisco 8/30/1862

Mills, Horace F. Private Albany 8/14/1862 Wawayanda Orange State Normal Undergrad
Moore, Orrin G. Private Albany 8/18/1862 Southold Suffolk State Normal 1862
Munson, Scott Private Albany 8/14/0182

Munson, Willis W. Private Albany 8/28/1862

Newton, Spencer D. Private Albany 8/14/1862

Nimmons, Robert B. Sgt Albany 8/14/1862 Seneca Falls Seneca

Oliver, William Private Seneca Falls 8/27/1862

Olmstead, Hirah F. Corp Albany 8/14/1862 Onondaga Onondaga State Normal 1862
Ostrom, John A. Sgt Albany 8/14/1862 Moscow Livingston State Normal 1860
Ottman, Norman Private Albany 9/24/1862 Sharon Schoharie Union
Richards, Jason A. Private Wheatland 8/28/1862

Richardson, Rensselaer D.L. Private Syracuse 9/3/1862

Riley, Patrick Private N. Greenbush 8/25/1862

Rowe, Joseph H. Private Onondaga 8/30/1862

Rowley, Hiram S. Private Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Rowley, Demmon L. Private Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Royal, William Private Albany 8/14/1862

Royal, Amos N. Private Albany 9/2/1862

Sexton, Jason Private Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Sheerar, Benn Private Otisco 8/30/1862

Sherwood, John P. Private Vernon 8/26/1862

Simmons, Josephus Private Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Smith, Albert Private Albany 8/28/1862 Washington Dutchess State Normal Undergrad
Sommers, Peter N. Private Albany 9/24/1862 Seward Schoharie

Sperling, James Private Varick 9/2/1862 Varick Seneca

Sprague, Charles E. Corp Albany 9/20/1862 Nassau Rensselaer Union 1860
Strevell, Harvey Private Albany 8/15/1862

Sturdevant, Oliver W. Corp Albany 8/14/1862

Sturdevant, John E. Private Albany 8/18/1862

Swan, William Private N. Greenbush 8/30/1862

Thompson, Helim Corp Albany 8/14/1862

Thompson, Delos Private Albany 8/14/1862

Thompson, Perry Private Albany 8/30/1862

Thorn, Charles E. Private Albany 8/14/1862 Horseheads Chemung State Normal Undergrad
Tooker, Oscar C. Private Fayette 8/30/1862

Traver, Elbert Private Albany 8/14/1862 Rhinebeck Dutchess State Normal 1862
Travis, Gould J. Private Albany 8/25/1862 Kent Putnam State Normal Undergrad
Updike, Charles Private Varick 8/31/1862 Varick Seneca

Vincent, Amos C. Private Albany 8/14/1862

Warner, Rudolphus G. Sgt Albany 8/14/1862 Lyme Jefferson State Normal Undergrad
Wilcox, Charles F. Private Albany 8/18/1862

Wilder, Frank A. Private Albany 8/30/1862 Watertown Jefferson State Normal 1860
Willett, Consider H. 1st Sgt Albany 8/14/1862 Onondaga Onondaga State Normal 1862
Wolcott, George B. Private Albany 8/20/1862 Milan Yates State Normal Undergrad
Wood, Harrison Wagoner Albany 8/28/1862

Woodworth, James R. Private Varick 8/30/1862 Varick Seneca

Yakely, Emanuel Private Albany 8/14/1861 Varick Seneca

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