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Memorials to the Normal School Company

Monument of the 44th NY at Gettysburg, dedicated in 1893 New York State Soldiers Monument at the Gettysburg National Cemetery, from the New York graves
Gettysburg National Cemetery Fredericksburg National Cemetery
Leander Burnham and George Wolcott Sidney Burroughs
Andrew Chafee David Claus
Josephus Simmons Michael Gaffney
Elbert Traver Jason Richards

Seneca County Cemeteries Other Cemeteries
Sidney Burroughs and James Woodworth Albert Husted
Thompson Barrick John Laffin
John Barrick Capt. Eugene Nash, Co. A
Hicks Campbell General James C. Rice, Col. 44th NY

Unknown Soldiers Battle
Scott Munson Gettysburg
James Woodworth Laurel Hill
Robert McDuffee Laurel Hill
Harvey Crawford Laurel Hill
Robert W. Gardner Laurel Hill
Robert Darling Petersburg

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