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The table below lists the current thirteen themes constructed by contributing authors and project staff.

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Themes in Albany Rural Cemetery Explorer (ARCE)

Color Theme
African Americans – African Americans in Albany history.
Artists – Sculptures, Painters, Illustrators, Cartoonists, Performers, Singers, Musicians, Actors.
Associations, Societies & Groups – Lots containing members of a specific sect, origin or relationship.
Authors/Publishers – Authors, Journalists, Publishers, Editors, Reporters.
Business and Finance - Industrialists, Manufacturers, Inventors, Bankers, Financiers.
Church grounds – Identities inscribed on the headstones.
Civil War - Soldiers & Sailors who died during the Civil War.
Independence - Pre-colonial Albany through 1799.
Notables – 1800’s Albany through present day.
Pillars in Society – Individuals whose contribution fulfilled a need for the betterment of humanity.
Soldiers and Sailors lot – Soldiers & Sailors who died during the Civil War.
Mayors of Albany - Former Mayors of Albany.
GAR - Grand Army of the Republic, Civil War Veterans who died following the period of conflict.

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