Member Publications

Marlene Belfort

Lennon, C.W. and Belfort, M. Inteins. Current Biol. (2017) 27, R1-R3.

Belfort, M. Mobile self-splicing inteins as stress sensors. Curr. Opin. in Micro. (2017), in press.

Qu, G., Kaushal, P.S., Wang, J., Shigematsu, H., Piazza, C.L., Agrawal, R.K., Belfort, M. and Wang, H-W. Structure of a group II intron complex with its reverse transcriptase. Nature Structural and Molecular Bio. (2016) 23, 549-559. Selected for News and Views.

Kelley, D.S., Lennon, C.W., Belfort, M. and Novikova, O. Mycobacteriophages as incubators for intein evolution and dissemination. mBio (2016) 7, e01537-16.

Chan, H., Pearson, S., Green, C.M., Li, Z., Zhang, J., Belfort, G., Shekhtman, A., Li, H. and Belfort, M. Exploring intein inhibition by platinum compounds as an antimicrobial strategy. J. Biol. Chem. (2016) 291, 22661-22670.

Green, C. and Belfort, M. Microbes as intein havens. Microbe (2016) 11, 388-393

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Lennon, C.W., Stanger, M. and Belfort, M. Protein splicing of a recombinase intein induced by ssDNA and DNA damage. Genes Dev. (2016) 30, 2663-2668.

Kristen Corbosiero

Fovell, R. G., Bu, Y. P., Corbosiero, K. L., Ten, W.-W., Cao, Y., Kuo, H.-C., Hsu, L.-H. and Su, H. Influence of cloud microphysics and radiation on tropical cyclone structure and motion: A review. Meteorol. Monographs (2016) 56, 11.1–11.27.

Peirano, C. M., Corbosiero, K. L. and Tang, B. H. Revisiting trough interactions and tropical cyclone intensity change. Geophys. Res. Lett. (2016) 43.

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Tang, B., Vaughan, M., Lazear, R., Corbosiero, K., Bosart, L. F., Wasula, T. A., Lee, I. R. and I. R. Lipton, I. R. Topographic and boundary influences on the 22 May 2014 Duanesburg, New York, tornadic supercell. Wea. Forecasting (2016a) 31, 107–127.

Tang, B., Rios-Berrios, R., Alland, J., Berman, J. and Corbosiero, K. L. Sensitivity of axisymmetric tropical cyclone spin-up to dry air aloft. J. Atmos. Sci. (2016b) 73, 4269–4287.

Mindy Larsen

Sfakis, L, Sharikova, A., Tuschel, D., Costa, F.X., Larsen, M., Khmaladze, A.T. and Castracane, J. Core/Shell Nanofiber Characterization by Raman Scanning Microscopy. Biomedical Optics Express (2017) 8, 1025-1035

Kwon, H.R., Nelson, D.A., DeSantis, K.A., Morrissey, J.M. and Larsen, M. Endothelial Cell Regulation of Epithelial Cell Patterning. Development (2017) 144, 211-220.

Gervais, E.M., Sequeira, S.J., Wang, W., Abraham, S., Kim, J.H., Leonard, D., DeSantis, K.A. and Larsen, M. Involvement of Par-1b in Myoepithelial Cell Morphogenesis and Differentiation During Salivary Gland Development. Organogenesis (2016) 12, 194-216.

Sfakis, L., Kamaldinov, T., Larsen, M., Castracane, J., Khmaladze, A.T. Quantification of Confocal images using LabVIEW for tissue engineering applications. Tissue Engineering Part C (2016) 22,1028-1037.

Elizabeth Munch

de Silva, V., Munch, E. and Patel. A. Categorified Reeb Graphs. Discrete & Computational Geometry (2016), 1–53

Khasawneh, F.A. and Munch, E. Chatter detection in turning using persistent homol-ogy. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (2016), 527-541.

Cara Ocobock

Ocobock, C. Human energy expenditure, allocation, and interactions in natural temperate, hot, and cold environments. American Journal of Physical Anthropology (2016) 161, 667-675.

Ocobock, C. The Allocation and Interaction Model: a new model for predicting total energy expenditure of highly active humans in natural environments. American Journal of Human Biology (2016) 28, 372-380.

Rabi Musah

Fowble, K.L.; Teramoto, K.; Cody, R. B.; Edwards, D.; Guarrera, D.; Musah, R.A. Development of “Laser Ablation Direct Analysis in Real Time Imaging” Mass Spectrometry (LADI-MS): Application to Spatial Distribution Mapping of Metabolites Along the Biosynthetic Cascade Leading to Synthesis of Atropine and Scopolamine in Plant Tissue. Anal. Chem. (2017), (doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.6b04137).

Giffen, J.E.; Lesiak, A.D.; Cody, R.B.; Dane, A.J.; Musah, R.A. Rapid Species-level Identification of Salvias by Chemometric Processing of Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry-derived Chemical Profiles. Phytochem. Anal. (2017), 28, 16-26.

Kasper, S.H.; Hart, R.; Bergkvist, M.; Musah, R.A.; Cady, N.C. Zein nanocapsules as a tool for surface passivation, drug delivery and biofilm prevention. AIMS Microbiol. (2016), 2, 422-433.

Musah, R.A.; Ford, M. Peer-Based Supplemental Instruction in STEM: Differences in Effectiveness across Transfer and non-Transfer Undergraduates. J. Res. Educ. Eff. (2016), 1-23.

Lesiak, A.D.; Musah, R.A., Rapid High-throughput Identification of Botanical Material Using Direct Analysis in Real Time High Resolution Mass Spectrometry. JoVE (2016) (doi: 10.3791/54197).

Lesiak, A.D.; Musah, R.A. Application of Ambient Ionization High Resolution Mass Spectrometry to Determination of the Botanical Provenance of the Constituents of Psychoactive Drug Mixtures. Forensic Sci. Int. (2016), 266: 271-280.

Kasper S.H.; Bonocora R.P.; Wade J.T.; Musah R.A.; Cady N.C. Chemical Inhibition of Kynureninase Reduces Pseudomonas aeruginosa Quorum Sensing and Virulence Factor Expression. ACS Chem. Bio. (2016), 11: 1106-1117.

Lesiak, A.D.; Cody, R.B.; Dane, A.J.; Musah, R.A. Direct Analysis in Real Time High Resolution Mass Spectrometry as a Tool for Rapid Characterization of Mind-altering Plant Materials and Revelation of Supplement Adulteration—the Case of Kanna. Forensic Sci. Int. (2016), 260: 66-73.

Musah, R.A.; Lesiak, A.D.; Maron, M.J.; Cody, R.B.; Edwards, D.; Fowble, K.L.; Dane, A.J.; Long, M.C. Mechanosensitivity Below Ground: Touch-Sensitive Smell-Producing Roots in the “Shy Plant,” Mimosa pudica L. Plant Physiol. (2016), 170: 1075-1089.

Lesiak, A.D.; Musah, R.A. More than just heat: ambient ionization mass spectrometry for determination of the species of origin of processed commercial products—application to psychoactive pepper supplements. Anal. Methods (2016), 8: 1646-1658.

Marina Petrukhina

Rudebusch, G. E., Espejo, G. L., Zafra, J. L., Peńa-Alvarez, M., Spisak, S. N., Fukuda, K., Wei, Z., Nakano, M., Petrukhina, M. A., Casado, J., and Haley, M. M. A Biradical Balancing Act: Redox Amphoterism in a Diindenoanthracene Derivative Results from Quinoidal Acceptor and Aromatic Donor Motifs. J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2016) 138, 12648-12654. Featured in JACS Spotlights.

Spisak, S. N., Li, J., Rogachev, Yu, A., Wei, Z., Papaianina, O., Amsharov, K., Rybalchenko, A. V., Goryunkov, A. A. and Petrukhina, M. A. From Corannulene to Indacenopicene: Effect of Carbon Framework Topology on Aromaticity and Reduction Limits. Organometallics (2016) 35, 3105-3111. Featured on the journal cover.

Pecqueur, S., Maltenberger, A., Petrukhina, M. A., Halik, M., Jaeger, A., Pentlehner, D. and Angew, G. Schmid. Wide Band-Gap Bismuth-Based p-Dopants for Opto-Electronic Applications. Chem. Int. Ed. (2016) 55, 10493-10497. Selected as a Hot Paper.

Zabula, A. V., Spisak, S. N., Filatov, A. S., Rogachev, A. Yu., Clérac, R. and Petrukhina, M. A.. Supramolecular Trap for a Transient Corannulene Trianion. Chem. Sci. (2016) 7, 1954-1961.

Annalisa Scimemi

Sweeney, A.M., Fleming, K.E., McCauley, J.P., Rodriguez, M.F., Martin, E.T., Sousa, A.A., Leapman, R.D. , Scimemi, A. PAR1 activation induces rapid changes in glutamate uptake and astrocyte morphology. Scientific Reports (2017) 7, 43606.

Reeves, S.L., Fleming, K.E., Zhang, L and Scimemi, A. M-Track: A New Software for Automated Detection of Grooming Trajectories in Mice. PLoS Comput Biol. (2016) 12, e1005115.

Wendy Turner

Valseth, K., Nesbø, C.L., Easterday, W.R., Turner, W.C., Olsen, J.S., Stenseth, N.C. and Haverkamp, T.H.A. Draft genomes of two Bacillus anthracis strains from Etosha National Park, Namibia. Genome Announcements (2016) 4, e00861-16.

Turner, W.C., Penzhorn, B.L. and Getz, W.M. Description of three new species of Eimeria (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) in Namibia. Comparative Parasitology (2016) 83, 202-211.

Turner. W.C., Kausrud, K.L., Beyer, W., Easterday, W.R., Barandongo, Z.R., Blaschke, E., Cloete, C.C., Lazak, J., Ganz, H.H., Van Ert, M.N., Turnbull, P.C.B., Stenseth N.C. and Getz, W.M. Lethal exposure: An integrated approach to pathogen transmission via environmental reservoirs. Scientific Reports (2016) 6, 27311.

Joanna Workman

Workman, J.L., Gobinath, A.R., ‡Kitay, N.F., Chow, C., Brummelte, S., Galea, L.A.M. Parity modifies the effects of fluoxetine and corticosterone on behavior, stress reactivity, and hippocampal neurogenesis. Neuropharmacology (2016) 105, 443-453.

Wainwright, S.R., Workman, J.L., Tehrani, A., Hamson, D.K., Chow, C., Lieblich, S.E., Galea, L.A.M. Testosterone has antidepressant efficacy in a chronic unpredictable stress model of depression in gonadectomised adult male rats. Hormones and Behavior (2016) 79, 58-69.

Gobinath, A.R., Workman, J.L., Chow, C., Lieblich, S.E., Galea, L.A.M. Maternal postpartum corticosterone and fluoxetine differentially affect adult male and female offspring on anxiety-like behavior, stress reactivity, and hippocampal neurogenesis. Neuropharmacology (2016) 101,165-78.