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Teaching & Learning Resources
An overview of the teaching challenge

How we teach follows directly from how we want our students to change through their experience in our academic programs and courses. Some of these changes are straight forward — for example... Click for more

Who are the students in my class?
How do I design a course?
Which teaching method is right for me, my students, and the courses I teach?
What should I do on the first day of class?
What can I do to ensure that students are motivated?
How do I create and maintain an effective learning environment in the classroom?
What are the best practices for testing and grading?
How do I integrate the latest technologies into my teaching?
What can I do to engage students in a large class--since my small class strategies won't work?
How do I create, support, and grade writing assignments?
How do I get students to participate in discussion?
What resources are there for teaching in my discipline?
What do I do about teaching labs, studios, and other special kinds of classes?
Can cheating and plagiarism be prevented?
Should you engage in the Scholarship of Teaching?