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3. What if I’m moving to Albany from another country?

Social Security Number and Card. Without this card you will not be able to get paid in the U.S. and you may have difficulty doing many of the things you need to do to survive here (bank account; utility services; cellular phone, etc.). To get your card, go to the Social Security Administration in downtown Albany in person with the proper documents.

Establishing a credit record in the U.S.
Having a record of successful debt repayment is important to your financial future in the U.S. For future large purchases (car, house) you will need to have a good credit score, which you can establish in several ways. Many people start by getting a secured credit card in order to initiate a credit history. Check with your local bank. You might be able to get a credit card when you open your account.

For other questions related to immigration, start with Human Resources Management and the department of International Student & Scholar Services (518) 591-8189.