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Faculty & Student Resources
The Society for the Teaching of Psychology
Teaching resources are documents that can pertain to any aspect of teaching. (Syllabi have their own listings under Project Syllabus.) Instructors have generously shared classroom activities, annotated bibliographies, film guides, lab manuals, advising aids, textbook compendiums, and much more.

Diversity Education  
Annually updated list of resources dedicated to diversity education. "Topics... [include] cross-cutting issues, such as assessment, institutional support for diversity education and, power and privilege and specific categories such as Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Gender/Sex, Sexual Orientation, and Age."

Developing, Promoting, & Sustaining the Undergraduate Research Experience in Psychology
Free e-book on undergraduate research experiences in psychology.

Teachpsych.org: Division 2 of the APA
"Our primary goal is to promote the effective teaching of psychology at the high school, community college, 4-year, and university levels. Toward this end, we provide psychology teachers a vast array of practical resources and services."  This site also contains electronic copies of books and journals on teaching psychology (many are peer-reviewed), awards and grants for teaching and conferences. 

Teaching Tips Archive of the APS Observer  
"Teaching Tips, a regular feature in the Observer , provides the latest in practical advice on the teaching of psychology and is aimed at current and future faculty of two- and four-year colleges and universities. Teaching Tips informs teachers about the content, methods, and profession of teaching. "

Higher Education Academy Psychology Network  
We exist to promote excellence in the learning, teaching and assessment of Psychology across the full range of curricula and activities relevant to UK Higher Education.

Journals on the Teaching of Psychology
Cognition and Instruction
Among education journals, Cognition and Instruction's distinctive niche is rigorous study of foundational issues concerning the mental, socio-cultural, and mediational processes and conditions of learning and intellectual competence. For these purposes, both “cognition” and “instruction” must be interpreted broadly. The journal preferentially attends to the “how” of learning and intellectual practices.

Journal of Educational Psychology
Journal of Educational Psychology publishes original, primary psychological research pertaining to education across all ages and educational levels. The journal also occasionally features exceptionally important theoretical and review articles pertinent to educational psychology.

Journal of Instructional Psychology
The Journal of Instructional Psychology publishes original articles dealing with issues related to instruction and educational management and gives preferences to manuscripts focusing on bilingual and multicultural issues, at-risk youth, and educational technology.

Teaching of Psychology
Basic and introductory psychology courses are the most popular electives on college campuses and a rapidly growing addition to high school curriculums. As such, Teaching of Psychology is indispensable as a source book for teaching methods and as a forum for new ideas. Dedicated to improving the learning and teaching process at all educational levels, this journal has established itself as a leading source of information and inspiration for all who teach psychology.