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Leadership in Academia

Effective department chairs are the unsung heroes of higher education. It is easy for a chair to fall into the trap of believing that..Click for more

How we teach follows directly from how we want our students to change through their experience in our academic programs and courses. Some of these changes are straight forward - for example, students will sometimes simply need to be able to read or listen to and memorize significant amounts of information. Goals of this kind require minimal planning on the part of the instructor. Other changes we want to see in students, however, such as a more systematic way of thinking, leaning how to evaluate data, or conducting research, will require more complex instructional strategies. Most university teaching integrates models that result in both "information transfer," so that students know more, and "critical thinking," so that students can do something with information once they have it. Strategies that target thinking skills are more difficult to develop and implement, and therefore these should be the instructor's priority in the planning and design process for most university courses.The links below will take you to sites that will help you find the tools you need to teach to these higher goals. Click for less.

Chairs and Leadership in Academia
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Tomorrow's Professor
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Time Management
Meggin McIntosh
Meggin McIntosh