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7. How do I get to campus (or where do I park when I get here)?

Public Transportation
Bus service is reliable, frequent and free (on several routes) to anyone with a valid UAlbany ID. CDTA has a number of bus lines and shuttles that run between many neighborhoods, schools and shopping centers. Those lines that are not free cost $1.50 per ride.

Parking on Campus
Once your appointment is entered into the UAlbany system, you can register your vehicle for parking through Parking and Mass Transit Services. While parking on campus is usually relatively easy, at certain times of day you might have to park and walk some distance from the building where you teach, so you will want to allow for that as part of your travel time to campus.

Depending on your specific adjunct status, the fees for a parking permit can vary. You might want to check the fee structure at Parking Services and/or call to verify what your payment will be. If you require special parking accommodations (like handicapped parking, for example), parking services can handle this as well.