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Where can I find information on the tenure process
and professional development at UAlbany?

Finding information about the tenure process and professional development opportunities at UAlbany doesn't have to be overwhelming. Start by looking for information within your School or College - each has individual requirements and opportunities. Then look for university-wide resources, and browse available literature on the topic to garner additional information.

Search University Schools & Colleges web pages for specific information
University-wide Guidelines for Consideration of New Faculty for Continuing Appointment
University-wide Senate Handbook on faculty employment & promotion
Review many helpful resources available through the Dewey Graduate Library
Institute for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Leadership (ITLAL) New Faculty Resources
University-wide guidelines posted through the Office of Academic Affairs (Guidelines)
For greater insight, review the university-wide Administrative Procedures for the Preparation of Recommendations for Promotions and Continuing Appointment


The Institute for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Leadership (ITLAL) offers workshops, seminars, and consultation services to provide you with professional development opportunities.
The Program for Career, Leadership and University Excellence (CLUE) cultivates integration of teaching, research, service, and leadership skills in outstanding members of academic faculty at all ranks. The annual cohort of participants are nominated and then selected through an application review process. Cohort members take part in a week-long, intensive seminar on leadership and career management, and in regular follow-up meetings during the subsequent 12 months. For more information about the program, contact Tine Reimers at creimers@albany.edu .