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Writing Center

Since 1977 the Writing Center has offered students, faculty and staff a process-based approach to writing at any stage of the writing process. Request a guest speaker from the Writing Center to speak about the services offered to students to support their academic writing.

Career Services
The Career Services Center is available to come to your classroom to speak on a variety of career and employment related topics. They have a variety of prepared presentations that can be customized for your specific audience, or they will work with you to create a special presentation tailored to your students.

University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center provides a variety of educational programs that they can present in your classroom. You can request a member of the University Counseling Center to visit your class to present on a number of topics including:

University Libraries

The University Libraries' education services offer both general and course-specific classes upon your request. If you schedule one of these classes, your students will meet in a Library classroom to receive instruction in topics such as information literacy, discipline-specific research skills, or use of library resources. Request forms are available here.

Interactive Media Center

The Interactive Media Center, located in the basement of the University Library, offers classes in how to use it's extensive technology in digital photo, video, and sound editing, as well as web-building tools. Schedule to have your students participate in available classes in the IMC, or contact the IMC for more information.