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How can I get Feedback on my Teaching?


The Institute for Teaching, Learning, and Academic Leadership offers several formative assessment options to provide you with feedback on your teaching.

Mid-Term Surveys are anonymous, mid-semester student surveys that provide you with information on what's working and what could be improved in your current course(s).

Video-taping your class is a great way for you to gain perspective on what it looks like when you teach! No one ever has to see the tape but you, however the ITLAL professional staff is happy to view it with you and provide encouragement and support if you should wish!

Student Focus Groups provide another opportunity for the students in your class to provide feedback in a safe, anonymous environment on any concerns they may have mid-semester. An ITLAL staff member will visit your class in your absence to query students on their learning, views on education, or on any particular issue you'd like to find out more about, and then consult with you on the results.

Observations can provide you with an outside perspective on teaching strategies and the classroom environment. Our observers can also help familiarize you with the experience of being observed in a low-pressure context.

All of our services are paired with complimentary consultation if you would like to further discuss the feedback that you have received, or any questions that arise as a result of new information.