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Resources for Handling Problems with Academic Dishonesty

Preventing Academic Dishonesty

SafeAssign through Blackboard (BLS)

SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention service offered by Blackboard which matches submitted student papers against an extensive database of resources.  In addition to acting as a plagiarism deterrent, it also has features designed to aid in educating students about plagiarism and the importance of proper attribution of any borrowed content.

Writing Center

Since 1977 the Writing Center has offered students, faculty and staff a process-based approach to writing at any stage of the writing process. Writing Center Staff can consult with Faculty on how to teach writing in your courses, or how to evaluate student writing. The Writing center also offers student resources and student consultation for preventing plagiarism.

University Libraries

The University Library provides Writing Style Guides in APA, ASA, MLA, & Chicago styles.

The library also provides classes and tutorials for students on how to avoid plagiarism.


The Institute for Teaching, Learning, and Academic leadership offers a variety of resources on identifying and preventing plagiarism in student papers.


Responding to Academic Dishonesty

Undergraduate Bulletin

The Undergraduate Bulletin provides examples of Academic Dishonesty, including Plagiarism, Cheating on exams, Forgery, and others, and provides possible actions that a faculty member may take in response to academic dishonesty. Faculty members may also refer a case to the University Judicial System. Faculty members are expected to report in writing to the Offices of Graduate Studies or Undergraduate Education, as appropriate, all sanctions they impose, along with a brief description of the incident. A copy of the report is to be given to the student.

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook provides further information on actions you may take in the event of student plagiarism or academic dishonesty.