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What services are there to support my students' adjustment to college and non-academic needs (e.g., campus life, social issues, mental health, or alcohol problems)?

As you develop rapport with the students in your classes, some of them may ask you about the resources that are available to them through the university. We've compiled a list of resources here...Click for more

General Student Resources
Students looking for general information about life on campus and university resources can visit Student Life, the Student Success page, or check out Events on campus.
Students (or faculty) who want to register for email, text, or telephone alerts in the event of a campus emergency should visit the UAlbany SUNY NY Alert site.
If you are concerned about the well-being of one of your students, or if there is a national, state, or campus-wide crisis, the Counseling Center Faculty Page has resources available to help you help your students.

For more specific student queries, here are various links for...
Students needing help with career planning, academic planning or career indecision
Students needing resources for disabilities
International Students needing help adjusting to Albany/ UAlbany
Students interested in Safety Updates, Don’t Walk Alone, or other safety services may visit the Campus Police website. For emergencies, dial 911 on campus from any cell phone.
Students dealing with mental health issues, substance abuse, or sexual assault
Students with physical ailments
Students experiencing harassment or discrimination