UAlbany NUFP Steering Committee

The University at Albany’s NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program is overseen by a steering committee. The steering committee oversees all areas of the program including, but not limited to:

  • Solicitation and selection of candidates for Fellowships;
  • Solicitation and selection of mentors for potential Fellows;
  • Development and implementation of a campus based curriculum for Fellows;
  • Identification of opportunities to enhance participant’s experience as part of the program;
  • Recognition of program mentors and Fellows;
  • Evaluation of the program annually.
Additionally, the steering committee encourages the participation of mentors from units throughout Student Success as well as encourages professional staff to identify eligible students to participate in the program annually.

The steering committee identifies other opportunities for the professional development of program participants (Fellows) on campus and in the local community.

Each year the steering committee organizes and implements a special recognition of the program on campus. Specifically, mentors and Fellows are recognized for their participation (and completion) of the program in a publicly identifiable manner.

Finally, the steering committee evaluates the selection process, program curriculum, availability of outside opportunities, and program recognitions and provides a report identifying areas for improvement annually.

The members of the NUFP steering committee are:

Holly Barker-Flynn New Student Programs
Michael Christakis, Ph.D.(Chair) Office of the Vice President for Student Success
Ekow King Intercultural Student Engagement
Cathy Parker Career Services