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Assessment Education Professional Development Program (AEPDP)

Expand Assessment Knowledge

Program Structure | Program Levels

In the Fall of 2011, the Student Success Assessment Council’s “Education Working Group” was charged with providing on-going training opportunities, consistent with NASPA’s Assessment Education Framework, for Student Success staff throughout the year.

Thus, this working group has developed an “Assessment Education Professional Development Program (AEPDP)” to provide staff within the division the opportunity to build their skill sets, knowledge base and confidence in the areas of assessment planning, design and implementation. The program draws from the guidelines of the NASPA Assessment Framework and utilizes a mixture of webinars (provided through our institutional membership with Campus Labs), individual exercises and projects.

While the program does focus primarily on developing practical skills in the area of assessment, staff who participate will also find that through the webinar presentations and actual implementation and analysis of assessment projects, they will also learn about assessment theories and concepts and how these relate to the goals and everyday work of the Division and its units.

Program Structure

The program has multiple levels which have been designed to approach assessment skill building in a layered approach starting with a beginner set of activities and projects, progressively advancing and leading up to a final level which will require a demonstration of accumulated skills. All participants will be required to attend an introductory webinar to familiarize themselves with Campus Labs and Baseline (the assessment unit of Campus Labs).

Any Student Success staff member can participate in the AEPDP and there is no timeframe for completion of any level. Staff will be recognized for accomplishing each level. Special acknowledgement and distinctions for any individual who completes the entire program!

The levels are intended to be achievable and fluid. If anyone would prefer to attend a comparable program, seminar, workshop or other project to use as a substitution for any of the levels’ requirements, simply inform the Education Working Group Chair, Nancy Lauricella (nlauricella@albany.edu), of your alternative plans.