Strategic Planning Implementation Steering Committee Members

Greg Albert, Undergraduate Student Representative
Aymen Assuwiyan, Graduate Student Representative
Steve Beditz, Interim VP for Finance and Business
Chris Bouchard, VP Student Success
Vince Delio, President's Office
James Dias, VP Research; Co-Chair WorkGroup 5 (Research)
Sue Faerman, Vice Provost Undergraduate Education; Co-Chair WorkGroup 1 (Undergraduate Academics)
Susanna Fessler, 2011-12 Senate chair
Chris Haile, CIO; Co-Chair WorkGroup 6 (Emerging Technologies)
Jeff Haugaard, Associate Vice Provost and Honors College Director
Cathy Herman, VP Communication and Marketing
Linda Krzykowski, Assistant Vice Provost Student Engagement; Co-Chair WorkGroup 2 (Student Engagement, Advising, Mentoring, and Support)
Andi Lyons, 2011-12 Senate Vice Chair
Lee McElroy, VP Athletics
Tamra Minor, Chief Diversity Officer
Susan Phillips, Provost and VP Academic Affairs; Chair, Steering Committee
John Reilly, University Counsel
Tine Reimers, Special Assistant to the Provost; Co-chair WorkGroup 7 (Cross-Cutting: Faculty and Instructional Development)
Fardin Sanai, VP Development
Bruce Szelest, Assistant VP Institutional Research and Program Effectiveness
Christine Wagner, Professor
Kevin Williams, Graduate Dean; Co-Chair WorkGroup 4 (Graduate)