Strategic Planning Implementation Steering Committee meeting minutes

May 17, 2012

Attendees: S. Phillips, S. Beditz, C. Bouchard, V. Delio, J. Dias, S. Fessler, C. Haile (via phone), C. Herman, L. Krzykowski, A. Lyons, L. McElroy, J. Reilly, T. Reimers, F. Sanai, B. Szelest, K. Williams

There was a quick recap of the tasks of the Working Groups and review of the handouts that include Year 1 and 2 Priorities and People, Timeline, Working Group Updates, Resource Requests, Contribution Plans.   

Undergraduate Academic (WG1)

  • Discussion of the review of major and minor educational experience.  It was determined that this would best be handled within the college/school departments.  This objective will be worked on during the summer 2012.
  • Undergraduate writing instruction proposal is being reviewed as a replacement for one lower and one upper-level (writing intensive) GenEd requirement.  Hoping to bring to University Senate in Fall 2012.
  • The GenEd program objective passed through University Senate and will be monitored by the group.
  • Review has begun on the International objective component, however, the group will work on this objective during the Fall 2012.
  • Increase Community Engagement objective has been put on back-burner until Fall 2012.

Student Engagement, Advising, Mentoring & Support (WG2)

  • Advising and Support group working with departments on advisement support sessions.  Meeting with advisors on monthly basis.
  • Assessment group is working with departments on self-studies.
  • Spring 2012 – Advising Plus program began to help students find resources and supporting needs.
  • Group is reviewing policies on Academic Program to determine ways to identify and support students sooner.
  • Engagement and Mentoring group will launch a pilot program Fall 2012 for incoming students.
  • Discussion on development of pilot program for fall that will encourage peer education and support.  Group is working with School of Education.
  • Student Engagement initiatives has made progress to include 17 living/learning communities (200 students enrolled), and food for thought programs.
  • Group worked with Facilities to identify areas for faculty/staff/student meeting places.  Hope to have report over summer.

Student Recruitment and Enrollment (WG3)

  • Discussion of creation of new recognition (Dean’s Scholars) which would be given to outstanding students who do not qualify for the Honors College program.
  • The Recruitment group discussed new ways to recruit top students to include students calling students, Honors Ambassadors. 
  • Highlight achievement of students using alumni banners on podium for outstanding academic accomplishments of students.
  • Group discussion on identifying ways to recruit non-traditional students (both undergraduate and graduate).
  • Community college connection – for adults in community colleges who have not completed their degrees.

Graduate Education (WG4)

  • Discussion on student recruitment and retention for graduate/doctoral programs.
  • Review of the 12-step metrics to evaluate doctoral programs.
  • Discussion on how data is gathered, shared, presented and collected.  Question of who is responsible for obtain this information.
  • Objective #3 discussion of retaining outstanding graduate students to include raise graduate student stipends, develop pilot programs for recruitment, and professional development.
  • Future plans will focus on retention and recruitment.

Research (WG5)

  • Group focused on faculty retention and incentives to keep talented faculty.  Need a mentoring program to assist faculty.
  • Monitoring outcome measures
  • Discussion of options for increasing scholarly activity for faculty.
  • Group has discussed the improvement needed in support for post awards.

Keeping Pace with Emerging Technologies (WG6)

  • Four subgroups created to work on ‘Teaching/Learning’, ‘Research’, ‘Administration’, and ‘Core Infrastructure’.
  • Group discussed the working on an “anytime/anywhere learning environment” at the University.
  • There is a need to insure that faculty are aware of technology services available for the use in classrooms.

Faculty & Instructional Development (WG7)

  • Five subgroups created to work on ‘Orienting, evaluating, mentoring and integrating P-T faculty’, ‘Hiring tenure track and F-T non tenure-track faculty’, ‘Creating a strong sense of community’, ‘Evaluation measure & standards for teaching’, and ‘Graduate student support’.
  • Discussion on creation of handbooks for faculty on mentoring and evaluation, development of a proposal for career ladder and other incentives to recognize faculty.
  • Group discussed a “pals” or “buddy” system for fall.
  • Development of communal spaces for a more social environment for faculty and students to meet.  Working with WG2 on this item.

Next Steps

Recommendation for moving into Year 2 will include items that were put on “back burner”.  A lot of action steps to be completed, and each Working Group / Committee should prioritize their objectives.

Resource Request / Action Steps spreadsheets include rough estimates.  Items are not in particular order.  The timeline for budget priorities and assessment plans will need work.  Assessment plan is a slow process and priority should be what has already been completed.

The Steering Committee will meeting in October or November.