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What's New in HIV/AIDS?

Orignally presented on December 16, 2010

Dr. Amneris Luque
Director, AIDS Center at Strong Memorial Hospital

Alma Candelas
Director, Division of HIV Prevention, AIDS Institute

Dan O’Connell
Deputy Director for HIV, Hepatitis and STD Prevention and Epidemiology, AIDS Institute

Almost thirty years into the HIV/AIDS epidemic, there are still rapid and significant changes in policy, program and the face of the epidemic. This broadcast will highlight three important new developments including: changes in HIV/AIDS epidemiology that point to a significant “graying of the epidemic” and the impact this has on service needs/delivery; amendments to public health law to ensure all individuals aged 13-64 are offered HIV testing and those who test positive are engaged in care; and, an innovative new program to prevent opioid overdose among substance users.  This broadcast will provide an opportunity to update your information and think about how to best address these new developments in your work.

Program Objectives:
After watching this broadcast participants will be able to:

  • Recall epidemiological trends that point to a significant “graying” of the  HIV/AIDS epidemic;
  • Identify at least three key challenges and three strategies for providing HIV prevention, testing, care and support services to mature adults who are at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS;
  • State the main objectives of amended public health law that require the offer of HIV testing to all individuals aged 13-64 in certain health care settings;
  • Recall the responsibility of health care providers to arrange for follow-up medical care for all patients who test HIV positive;
  • State the main objectives of the New York State Opioid Overdose Prevention Program; and,
  • Identify steps that local health departments, community based organizations and other settings can take to address opioid overdose in their community.