Cynthia Lanford

Reading Specialist, Guilderland Public School District

Ph.D. University of Rochester
School of Education 333

Dr. Lanford holds a Ph.D. in English literature from the University of Rochester, and an MS in Reading from Albany. She has been an adjunct faculty member at Albany since 1994. Her certification areas are English (7-12) and Reading, and she is currently an elementary school reading teacher in the Guilderland Public School District. Her primary interests include teacher training and teaching struggling readers. Cyndie received the 2003 School of Education Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Publications include:

McGill-Franzen, A, Lanford, C. & Adams, E. (2002) "Learning to Be Literate: A Comparison of Five Urban Early Childhood Programs," Journal of Educational Psychology, 433-464. This article received the IRAs Dina Feitelson award in May 2004.

McGill-Franzen, A., Lanford, C., Gioia, B., & Blustein, M. (1996). Three children, three stories of school and literacy: Ira, Ani, and Caitlin. The Language and Literacy Spectrum, 6, 45-51.

McGill-Franzen, A., & Lanford, C. (1994). Exposing the edge of the preschool curriculum: Teachers’ talk about text and children’s literacy understandings, Language Arts, 71, 264-273.

Dr. Lanford teaches the following courses:
ERDG620: Capstone Practicum and Seminar, B-6