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Tips of the Week!

As you prepare to come to the University at Albany, the ISSS Tip of the Week will highlight information that is important to new international students.  If you have not read information from previous weeks, please do.

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July 25 | July 16 | July 9 | June 26 | June 18

July 25 – Financial Information
Student Financial Center

The Student Financial Center provides students with a wide variety of resources and information related to viewing and paying your bill.  Much of this can be done on-line and they are always happy to answer your questions.  It is vital that you take a few minutes to read through and explore this information about their services: 

We strongly encourage you to not travel carrying large sums of cash.

You can use peerTransfer to pay your student bill, or you can use a credit card via your e-pay account.

Bank Accounts

Many students have a bank account in the area.  This is a list to banks with branches or ATMs in the UAlbany area

Credit Cards

You may also want to consider having a credit card that can be used internationally.  Some students reserve these for emergency situation, while many students use them as a regular, everyday form of payment.  Most on and off campus establishments accept credit cards as payment for everything from a cup of coffee to your semester’s tuition.  We do not recommend any particular credit card, but encourage you to carefully consider the terms of the credit card, and that its services meet your needs.

As always, you can e-mail us with questions at: isss@albany.edu.

July 16 – Health Services and Requirements

The Health Center would like to remind students that they need to become compliant with the following Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) Immunization and TB Requirements.  Student must also submit the Health Form and supporting documentation.

Required Health Form

All students must complete the Required Health Form.  You may submit information by email, mail or fax. The Forms email is healthforms@albany.edu.  The mailing address is: University Health Center, University at Albany, 400 Patroon Creek Blvd., Suite 200, Albany, NY 12206. The fax number is (518)-442-5444

Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) Immunization

All students must submit a copy of their MMS vaccination documentation, or copies of lab tests confirming immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

All students are assessed for the risk of TB through the Required Health Form.  The most common risk for TB is exposure in a TB endemic country, a country known to have a high rate of TB. This includes most Eastern Mediterranean, African, Asian, Central and South American countries.

All students who have spent over 4 weeks in any TB endemic country within the past 5 years must have a TB blood test (QuantiFERON or T-Spot).

More Information

We recommend students become fully compliant before arriving at UAlbany. If necessary, these immunizations and testing can be done when you arrive, but there will be costs associated.  Please visit the following link to find more details about these requirements: http://www.albany.edu/health_center/internationalimmunizationreqs.shtml

A wide variety of information about the Health Center and its services can be found here: http://www.albany.edu/health_center/newstudents.shtml.

As always, you can e-mail us with questions at: isss@albany.edu.

July 9 – Housing

Freshman student must live on-campus. Most graduate students live off-campus. Some transfer and study abroad/exchange students live off-campus, while others prefer the convenience of living on-campus.

On-Campus Housing: If you have not already signed up for housing, and you need or want to live on-campus please do that now. Freshman are guaranteed on-campus housing. Study Abroad/Exchange, transfer and graduate students may apply to live on campus, but space in not guaranteed. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting a room.

Off-Campus Housing provides information on finding off-campus housing. A bus system connects campus to a variety of housing options and it really pretty easy to find off campus housing.

The office of Personal Safety and Off Campus Affairs also provides good information.

As always, you can e-mail us with questions at: isss@albany.edu.

June 26 – Registration

The process of Registration at UAlbany always starts with Academic Advising, to ensure that you are on the correct path towards earning your degree.  How you get Advising, and thus how you get an AVN number and Register, depends upon what category of student you are.

Graduate students get their advisement directly from their academic department.  Your advisor’s name was listed on your acceptance letter.  You are encouraged to review your graduate program curriculum and contact your advisor.  Please note that advisors may be on summer break and responses may be delayed.

Study Abroad & Exchange students who are coming to UAlbany for a short term stay and will be getting their degree from an institution other than UAlbany are advised by the office of Study Abroad & Exchanges. Click here for more information.

Freshman are advised by the Academic Advising Office.  To simplify the process, the Academic Advising Office has created a form specifically for new international freshmen.  If you have not already done so, please complete this form.

Undergraduate Transfer students are advised by either the Academic Advising Office or their Academic Department. You can find lots of information here for transfer students.

As always, you can e-mail us with questions at: isss@albany.edu.

June 18 - Orientation

ISSS holds a special Orientation is for all international student.  This includes graduate and undergraduate students, study abroad and exchange students, and students moving up from IELP.  All students are expected to attend orientation.  Please plan for this as you make your travel plans.

For Freshman, orientation begins on August 22 and you can move into your dorm room August 21.

For All Other Students, ISSS orientation begins on August 23.  Graduate Students may also have an orientation with their academic department and should get information about that from the department.

Visit the ISSS Welcome website for orientation information:

There is an on-line portion of International Student Orientation to provide you with vital information before you come to the US.  In particular, check out the "To Review" sections.

You can sign up for International Student Orientation on our website, or by clicking here.

As always, you can e-mail us with questions at: isss@albany.edu

Fall 2015 Orientation Update!

The Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is delighted to welcome new international students to the University at Albany. ISSS is planning a special orientation for international students.  Mandatory check in for all new students for the International Student Orientation will be on Sunday August 23, 2015.  Students should plan to move into the residence halls on Saturday, August 22. Upon submitting a deposit, you will receive additional pre-arrival and orientation program information from ISSS.  We hope that you will join our vibrant community of over 1700 international students here at the University at Albany. Click for more information.

Be an International Friendship Partner next semester!

Do you want to be part of the UAlbany multicultural community? Do you want to earn credits while having fun?

The International Friendship Partners is a series of programs designed to help both American and international students make friends with each other. Participants will also learn different cultures and languages through cultural activities. You can choose to participate in one or more programs listed below:

Part I

International Buddies Program: You will be helping new international students adjust to academic and community life at UAlbany.

Part II

Language & Cultural Exchange Program: The International Friendship Partners Program is designed to provide an opportunity for U.S. and international students to interact regularly on a small group basis outside of the classroom setting.

Part III

Community & Public Service Program: You can take RSSW 291 (2 credits) for meeting friends and doing cultural activities! Please find program syllabus in application.

For more information and apply to be an International Friendship Partner, CLICK HERE

Host Families Needed

Host families are needed for a few days in January 2015 for our new international students while they seek permanent housing.

Click to get more information about the program and to print out your application.

New U.S. CBP Automated I-94 System

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has begun its new automated I-94 arrival/departure record system. As international students, you will still receive an I-94. However, it will not be in the form of a small, white card stapled into your passport at the time of entry that many of you are used to. Instead, you will have an electronic I-94, which you will have to download and print from the CBP web site.

Please remember that ISSS needs a copy of any new documents you have been issued, including the I-94. Once you print out the new record, please provide a copy to ISSS.

Click here to retrieve your new I-94 record.



ISSS Newsletter 09/25/2015

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