Emerging Student Leaders Program

Do you want to become a LEADER and have fun while doing so? Then the Emerging Student Leaders Program is for you!

The Emerging Student Leaders Program is an elite and interactive program open to freshmen and sophomores designed to enhance you as a leader and student here at UAlbany.

Each section will meet on Fridays during the spring 2014 semester for 10 weeks beginning February 7th. The first section will run from 1:00-2:30PM and the second section will run from 3:00-4:30PM. Attendance at a minimum of 7 sessions is required for program completion. Since participants are expected to stay for the full 90 minute session each week, please make sure you can commit to one of the scheduled section times for the entire semester. Participants selected for this program will be placed in a section at the time of acceptance based on the availability provided by the student on the application form. A graduation ceremony is held the final week (May 2, 2014).

Special thanks to University Auxiliary Services for their support of this program!

What to Expect From the Program:

As an Emerging Student Leader you will meet, network, and make connections with other students, faculty, and staff, while obtaining the selected skills, experience, and knowledge to become a leader in and outside of the University community. Session topics include:

  • Theories of leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Public speaking
  • Time management
  • Selling yourself as a leader
  • Conflict resolution
  • Cultural competency                
  • Stress management                                        


  • Must be a freshman or sophomore
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Must have a clean judicial record
  • Must be free from class, work, or other commitments during one of the section times on Fridays during the semester when classes are in session.

Students must attend 7 of the 10 sessions to receive the Emerging Student Leaders Certificate.

Deadline for applications: January 23, 2014 at Noon. Applications now available! (You will be directed to MyInvolvement.org - please log in with your UAlbany NetID and password.)

For more information on the Emerging Student Leaders Program contact:

Susan Henry
Graduate Assistant, Student Involvement & Leadership
Campus Center 130
(518) 442-5566

Emerging Leaders Alumni:

Fall 2013:

TJ Albanese
Destiny Anderson
Stephanie Augustin
Eric Bisaillon
Beth Caron
Mary Colabattista
Ashley Cummins
Tim Curran
Steve Curry
Stephanie Degraft
Britney Desouza
Philana Fraser
Christina George
Gabby Gregoire
Britanee Gugel
Tiffany Henry
Brad Hershenson
Kelsey Hidalgo
Kelly Hwang
Manny Jara
Julia Kim
Reid Kisselback
Evanna Lerouge
Hui Lin
Jacob Lindenauer
Mina Louis
Aquaisha Milligan
Trudy Morgan Dadzie
Amanda Nieto
Jesus Nunez
Julia Nye
Renee Pennant
Kassandra Rosales
Kylie Scheibling
Jessica Schultz
Nick Seyum
Jenifer Suprena
Melody Tien
Phil Waknin
Nicole Wallack
Michael Watts
Elizabeth Weiss
Elaizha Wright

Spring 2013:

Jamie Aldrich
Haris Alic
Brian Bholan
Brittany Bourne
Tony Breuning
Robert Briare
Celia D’Agostino
Nurat Daniju
Sofia De Luise
Danielle Fayerman
Ariana Gandevani
Winsthony Garcia
Emily Grasso
Richard Grimes
Emily Heinl
William Hurd
James King
Sandra Kuffour
Jenna Levine
Ellen Liebenthal
Grace Manos
Claire Miller
Fatima Mustafa
Cassidy Myszelow
Peter Pastuszka
Urvi Patel
James Perry
Vanessa Planty
Victoria Prevosti
Karl Ravilus
Symone Reid
Aaron Say
Katarina Spero
Carlton Steele
Monique Szafranski
Mellissa Villalba
Joash Ward

Fall 2012:

Salma Arif
Matthew Bernardo
Nagendra Bisram
Kelly Black
Deon Brown
Rebecca Brown
Johanna Buitrago
Marc Cohen
Dyani Dawes
Morgan Devuyst
Matthew Fedorchak
Dominick Foti
Sonia Frederick
Laura Gallagher
Krystyna Gloss
Josie Hartnett
Benjamin Israel
Dakotah Kidd
Gadi Langsam
Julian Lopez
Mariana Maeda
Elizabeth Maldonado
E. Christian Mallare
Amanda Michael
Rachel O'Donnell
Delonie Plummer
Rebecca Prince
Bethzaida Rivas
Nia Sanders
Angelo Setaro
Leah Silecchia
Shana Small
Anthony Tufano
Saritha Venugopal

Spring 2012:

Margaret Banda
Sarah Barden
Audrey Bridge
Erica Brunelle
Adriana Carozza
Mikailla Carwin
Krissie Chapman
Tako Chkadua
Tal Cohen
Joe Frigolette
Jess Hamburg
Murielle Henriquez
Luke Henry
Rebecca Kurlander
Lyam Lugo
Shawndele Lutchman
Katie Lyons
Jerome O'Grady
Casey Olszewski
Ama Otchere
Jade Petro
Bria Ramsey
Smiley Rojas-Nunez
Shanice Saunders
Eric Slater
Courtney Stern
Ryan Stern
Genesis Tejeda
Kelty Tippos
Kendra Van Valkenburg
Priya Winston
Paige Wood

Fall 2011:

Mavis Addai-Mensah
Robert Bernardini
Alana Biegelson
Yvette Boafo
Kwame Darkwa
Brianna Cheri Dean
Derek Ellis
Desiree Giroux
Nicholas Kennedy
Veronica Kolegue-Spalaris
Christine Marlowe
Emily Martinez
Thomas McCarty
Kate Mikoley
Emma Spalti
Michaela Torres
Katy Wilbur

Spring 2011:

Elizabeth Aritonang
Jennifer DeVito
Stephen Ellis
Andrew Forenza
Jose Guillen
Samantha Katz
Mariah Martinez
Blaire Mershon
Mariela Mihaylova
Daniel O'Shea
Krista Sehested
Brandon Suter
Alex Talamo
Michelle Truong
Sara Ventura
Sophia Vindeni
Luana Wang
Christina Wedderburn
Yunfan Zhu

Fall 2010:

Alana Agular
Victoria Bond
Hillary Closs
Nicole De Masi
Arthur Ford
Trish-Ann Kydd
Robin Schwenke
Lauren Stern
AJ Tafuro                           

Spring 2009:

Michael Arias
Nicole Calcanes
Jahqueena Haynes                                                              
Jason Jacobskind                                                                 
Whitney F. Martinez                                                  
Kate Messina 
Mike Mucciolo
Scott Stofeberg                                                                                            
Alicia Tambe