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for Health and the Environment

Contact an Expert Who Can Comment on the Study


To speak to one of the authors of the study, contact Jamie Shor at Venture Communications, (202) 628-7772.

Outside Experts

The following experts were involved in neither authoring nor reviewing the study:

Dr. Lynn Goldman
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Former assistant EPA administrator for toxics and pesticides.
Pediatrician and epidemiologist; expert in children’s health, environmental health, and environmental health policy.
(410) 614-9301

Dr. George Lucier
Former Director of the Environmental Toxicology Program, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and currently Senior Advisor to the National Institutes of Health and member of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board.
Molecular toxicologist; expert in chemical exposure and risk assessment; dioxin researcher.
(919) 542-4629

Information from the study's authors