Staff - Joanne Baronner

Graduate Studies Secretary

Office: UAB 121
Phone: (518) 437-5061

Joanne Baronner joined the Office of Graduate Studies in August, 2007. She is presently responsible for maintaining web publishings of dissertation and thesis submittal requirements; coordinating and providing detailed review of submitted doctoral dissertations and masters ’theses; processing all submitted works; communicating with students, faculty, University Libraries’ staff, external vendors and national survey staff regarding such matters; preparing, maintaining, and coordinating graduate student databases and correspondence pertaining to the production of University Commencement ceremonies; maintaining both paper and digital files of commencement and graduate degree award records; coordinating updates to the Graduate Studies Website; in general assisting with the maintenance and updating of graduate student records, registered graduate level courses, and graduate program registrations; generating correspondence related to student academic standing matters, withdrawals, disciplinary actions, policy exceptions, grade changes, etc.; assisting with record-keeping and correspondence concerning the Diversity Teaching/Research Fellowship Program; and coordinating support procedures for graduate level Hudson-Mohawk Cross-Registration.

Prior to accepting her current position she served five years in Undergraduate Education (previously Undergraduate Studies). Joanne brings with her over twenty years of secretarial experience in a diverse background that includes collegiate, health care, manufacturing, and technical settings. Her philosophy is that “one does not work for an institution but one works with people”.