University at Albany


UAlbany campus members making a difference


Gary Kleppel


Recognized for his efforts to implement the use of local foods on campus and educate our community on the importance of eating locally as a safer and healthy alternative to large scale commercial farming practices. Due to the efforts of Dr. Kleppel, we have: weekly farmer's markets, grass fed beef from a local cooperative served in our dining halls, symposiums on local food and the annual sheepherding demonstration on UAlbany Community Day!

Nancy Dame


Recognized for her efforts to further our recycling. Nancy helped to devise plans that would facilitate the collection of recyclables at Empire and Freedom apartments, developed and maintained a new recycling bin request system to ensure orders were tracked and filled quickly and organized a waste diversion system whereby unwanted pallets are picked up by a local vendor. This effort alone kept over 14 tons of materials out of the landfill.

Brittni Laterza


Recognized for her extraordinary efforts to create and implement the Green Grams initiative which helped raise awareness about environmental practices and donated money to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Brittni has served on the Sustainability Council for two years and we will surely miss her motivation as she moves to Arizona next year.