The Office of Environmental Sustainability

The Office of Environmental Sustainability implements and coordinates all campus activities related to responsible environmental programs, including recycling, education, communication, procurement and policies.

  • Energy Campaign

    Please join the Green Scene on September 2nd at the Energy Campaign Kick-Off Podium Series. There, you can make pledges to conserve energy and learn more about the Fall Energy Campaign. Click here to learn tips on how to help save energy.


  • September Sustainable Speaker Series

    The US Green Building Council Sustainable Speaker Series presents David Borton on "Green Marine Solar Transportation" at 5:30 pm. Please register here. UAlbany students and staff can attend for FREE


  • Sustainability Collaborative

    Come to the first meeting of the Sustainability Collaborative - a place where different student groups with similar interests in sustainability can work strategically together - on Monday, August 31st in the Assembly Hall.

  • Green Workspace Challenge

    Think your UAlbany office is green? Earn an eco-certification by enrolling in the Green Workspace Challenge!

  • UAlbany Bike Share

    Are you an undergraduate living on campus? Sign out a bike for FREE in the Wellness Centers of Indian, Colonial, and Alumni Quads. Learn more here or ask the wellness assistants!

  • Zipcar on Campus!

    Reserve, unlock, and go with Zipcar, our carsharing service! Student organization leaders can now sign-up for free!

  • Dr. Kendra Smith-Howard

    Faculty Member Dr. Smith-Howard has been instrumental in the sustainability movement on campus. She was part of the Sustainability Task Force, working group to develop a minor and the creation of the Sustainability Roundtable.

  • Mary McCarthy

    Staff Member Mary McCarthy established the Trashion Fashion show in Spring 2014 and continued its success in 2015. She was a key leader in the event and helped recruit and raise awareness to students.

  • Krista Bentson and Tom Wolcott

    Graduate students Krista and Tom developed a website, the Green Biz Toolkit that codifies and explains sustainability programs, grants and funding for businesses. Their website is now being promoted statewide.

  • Nadia Rodriguez

    Undergraduate Nadia spearheaded the recycling bin project in the University Library. She conducted regular audits and as a result more bins will be added to the Library.

  • James Rath

    Undergraduate James is the Bike Share Representative for Indian Quad and is responsible for the success, maintenance and documentation of the bike share on campus.

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