Globalization Studies

Ecological WorldWhat Can I Do With A Major In Globalization Studies?
Student Preparation and Careers

The Globalization Studies major is aimed at ensuring that students gain a new multi- and interdisciplinary perspective, at the same time that they develop abilities grounded on concrete academic skills and experiences, such as cultural literacy, foreign language competency, critical thinking, writing skills, computer literacy, fieldwork, participatory action research, community service, and study abroad. This combination will prepare students for a broad range of career paths.

The undergraduate major also provides a solid foundation for diverse areas of graduate study in the disciplines as well as in the professional areas (e.g. public policy, social welfare, business, education, law, health), or employment in a wide variety of public, non-profit/civil society, and private sector careers.

Emphasis is placed on transnational and cross-national interconnections and interdependence, gaining knowledge of the United States in relation to other regions of the world, as well as stressing the importance of comparative perspectives and approaches.

Throughout the program students have multiple opportunities to put into practice their writing, speaking, foreign language, information literacy, and analytical skills.


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