Globalization Studies

Exploring New Horizons

Globalization Studies, one of the newest programs of study at the University at Albany, is an interdisciplinary major designed to help students function more effectively in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. The program enables students to:

  • Gain a systematic awareness of the global forces and processes that shape our lives:
  • Explain why we need to engage new ways of acquiring and applying knowledge; and
  • Broaden the notion of diversity beyond the limits of a U.S. context to encompass wider hemispheric and global realities.

For Further Information Contact:

Professor Ray Bromley Program Director
Department of Geography and Planning
Arts & Sciences 224
Phone: 442-4766
Office hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 4:15-5:30 pm or by appointment (If you can’t come in office hours, email some alternative time periods when you can be available and I’ll email you back with an appointment)

Attention Students:

The following pages describe what is effectively a ‘new,’ and much-streamlined, version of the Globalization Studies major. Students who matriculated at UAlbany before Fall 2010 must follow the ‘old’ requirements (see: link to ‘old’ GLO version). All students who matriculate from Fall 2010 onwards may continue following the ‘new’ requirements. If you have followed the ‘old’ requirements to this point, it should be possible to earn credit for all the courses you have already taken. For help with this, and any other questions you may have, please consult the Program Director or any other member of the Globalization Studies Faculty Advisory Committee, depending on your disciplinary or substantive area of interest (see: link to faculty list).