University at Albany

Globalization Studies Faculty


The Department of Geography and Planning takes primary responsibility for advising the faculty-initiated interdisciplinary major in Globalization Studies, and one of the Globalization Studies faculty members in that department serves as the Director. All majors must consult the Director at least once per semester, but with his/her agreement, other Globalization Studies faculty (listed below) may also serve as primary advisors.

For Further Information Contact :
Professor Ray Bromley, Program Director
Department of Geography and Planning
Vice Provost for International Eductation

Globalization Studies Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Bret Benjamin, Ph.D. (English)  University of Texas at Austin
  • Jean-François Brière, Ph.D. (Languages, Literatures and Cultures) York University
  • Iris Berger, Ph.D. (Collins Fellow) (History and Women's Studies)  University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Christine E. Bose, Ph.D. (Collins Fellow) (Sociology, Women's Studies, and  Latin American Caribbean and U.S. Latino Studies)  The Johns Hopkins University
  • Ray Bromley, Ph.D. (Geography and Planning)  Cambridge University
  • Anthony DeBlasi, Ph.D. (East Asian Studies) Harvard University
  • Helmut Hirsch, Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)  Stanford University 
  • Kajal Lahiri, Ph.D. (Economics)  University of Rochester
  • Fernando Leiva, Ph.D. (Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies) University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Walter Little, Ph.D. (Anthropology)  University of Illinois
  • David L. Rousseau, Ph.D. (Political Science)  University of Michigan
  • Kwadwo A. Sarfoh, Ph.D. (Africana Studies and Geography and Planning)  University of Cincinnati 
  • Christopher J. Smith, Ph.D. (Program Director, Geography and Planning)  University of Michigan