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Service Unit Academic
Molecular Genetics
Oligo annealing Pair $20
DNA Sequencing (template w/ 1 primer) Reaction $10
Genomic DNA isolation, midi Sample $50
Genomic DNA isolation (blood, clinical), mini Sample $55
Genomic DNA isolation, genotyping, mini Sample $25
Total RNA isolation, midi Sample $55
mRNA isolation, midi Sample $120
Total RNA isolation (blood), mini Sample $60
PCR w/ gel analysis Reaction $10
PCR w/ purification PCR product $45
Library screen, genomic Screen $3,500
Library screen, cDNA Screen $3,500
Construction of transgenic/KO insertion vector Plasmid $3,250
Taqman qPCR optimization Primer pair per probe $950
Taqman qPCR, per sample Sample $20
Taqman RT-qPCR, per sample Sample $30
SybrGreen qPCR optimization Primer pair $1,250
SybrGreen qPCR, per sample Sample $15
SybrGreen RT-qPCR, per sample Sample $25
qPCR primer/probe selection Primer pair/probe $20
Bioinformatics Hour $60
SDS-PAGE Sample $60
2D Gel Electrophoresis IPG strip $150
SyProRuby stain Gel $20
Imaging and analysis Gel $40
Enzymatic Digest One protein $100
HRMS Sample $85
MW by LC/MS Sample $100
MW by MALDI Sample $50
Protein ID by LC-MS/MS Sample $180
Protein phosphopeptide ID Spot $680
MudPIT protein profiling Step $100
ITRAQ protein profiling Set 4 plex $4,000 (> 25 fractions)
8 plex $5,000 (> 25 fractions)
De novo sequencing One peptide $75/hr
HPLC (Agilent) hour
FPLC (Amersham) hour
Microarray Services
Premier service (RNA isolation to data acquisition) Sample $400
Full service (cDNA synthesis to data acquisition) Sample $340
Custom Services
RNA isolation from tissue Sample $60
RNA BioAnalyzer QC (up to 12 samples) Sample $70
Labeled cRNA synthesis from total RNA Sample $310
Rehybridization only (previously labeled sample) Sample $75
Data analysis only Hour $75
Transgenic and Knockout Mice
Pronuclear injection Construct $3,000
Embryo isolation Procedure $250
Electroporation of ES cells Construct $7,500
Blastocyst injections Construct $4,500
Karyotyping Clone $150
ES screening Construct $1,500
ES expansion Clone $150
Mycoplasma Clone $150
Laser Capture Microdissection
LCM capture cap $45
LCM, set-up Set-up $150
RNA isolation
DNA isolation
Protein isolation
Tissue embedding Sample $25
DNA verification
RNA verification
Flow Cytometry
Flow Cytometry Hour $65
Cell sorting, set-up Set-up $150
Cell sorting Hour $75
Cell Culture
Cell Line Passage, T25 flask Flask Call for pricing
Cell Line Passage, T75 flask Flask Call for pricing
Cell Line Passage, T150 flask Flask Call for pricing
Cell Line Passage, media change Change Call for pricing
Stable transfection Cell line Call for pricing

Prices are subject to change without notice. For current prices for basic or customized services not listed here, please contact the director of the corresponding laboratory listed below.