When ordering services from the CFG Core Laboratories, please follow these procedures:

  1. For first time users, establish an account by filling out and submitting a Customer Information Form that you can download from our Forms page. You can also download directly either the word or acrobat version of the forms.

  2. For customers outside of the UAlbany, arrange with your purchasing department for the issuance of a purchase order (PO) number or provide credit card information (card number and expiration date; we accept Visa and Mastercard). For customers who require quotes in order to obtain purchase order numbers, contact the CFG by telephone or e-mail. See list below for appropriate Director. We cannot begin work until we receive a P.O. number or credit card information.

  3. For standard services, fill out the appropriate forms and submit to the CFG as above. Fax (518-591-7211) or e-mail forms.

  4. Current prices are available here.

  5. For custom services (i.e., more detailed cloning projects, gene discovery and characterization, etc.), please contact the appropriate Director listed below:

Molecular Genetics
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting
Mouse Transgenesis
Laser Capture Microdissection
Proteomics Microarray
Director Dr. John Tine Dr. Brian Parr Dr. Qishan Lin Dr. Sridar Chittur
Phone (518) 591-7212 (518) 591-7213 (518) 591-7214 (518) 591-7215
E-mail jtine@albany.edu bparr@albany.edu linq@albany.edu schittur@albany.edu