Please use the following forms to request standard services from the CFG Core laboratories. Investigators can either fill out and submit the online forms; print, fill out and fax or e-mail the MS Word version of the forms; or fill out, print and fax the Adobe Acrobat version of the forms.

Customer Information Form Word Adobe
DNA Sequencing Request Form Word Adobe
Transgenic Mouse Request Form Word Adobe
Blastocyst Injection Form Word Adobe
ES Cell Form Word Adobe
Mouse and ES Cell Clone Screening Form Word Adobe
Mouse Shipping Form Word Adobe
Proteomics/Mass Spectrometry Form Word Adobe
Mass Spectrometry for Chemical Compound Form Word Adobe
Microarray RNA Submission Form Word Adobe
Microarray DNA Submission Form Word Adobe

To arrange for all other CFG services, please contact the director of the corresponding laboratory listed below.

Molecular Genetics Mouse Transgenesis Proteomics Microarray
Director Dr. John Tine Dr. Brian Parr Dr. Qishan Lin Dr. Sridar Chittur
Phone (518) 591-7212 (518) 591-7213 (518) 591-7214 (518) 591-7215