Campus Center Expansion

August 2015


The University has started construction on a project to renovate approximately 46,000 square feet of the existing Campus Center and construct approximately 76,000 square feet of new space. This project will be completed in two phases. Phase 1 (the East Addition) will be completed for the fall 2015 semester. Phase 2 (the West Addition and existing building renovation) will be completed in late 2016. The scope of the project was based on an earlier University study which seeks to 'right-size' UAlbany's student union facilities for current day enrollment and programming needs as well as renovate the existing building - over many years - to modern standards. Key components of the University's approach to expanding and renovating the Campus Center include:

  • Creating spaces and an environment for out-of-the classroom learning and collaboration opportunities;
  • Providing spaces and places that create a focal point for student leadership and engagement;
  • Enhancing the facilities as the University's central hub for food, fun and entertainment;
  • Promoting personal wellness and fitness;
  • Expanding recreation activities;
  • Allowing for late night programming; and
  • Establishing a clear construction/renovation phasing plan which addresses all building south, first level upgrade needs during a single-bid project.


Work for this project includes, but is not limited to, two new additions and partial gut renovation of the existing Campus Center. The existing Campus Center consists of the original, Edward Durrell Stone designed building built in the 1960's.

Construction is planned in two primary phases to allow the existing Campus Center to continually operate. Phase 1 involves construction and completion of the East Addition and start of construction of the West Addition. The East Addition will open for the fall 2015 semester. Once the East Addition is open, construction will begin within the renovation area and Central Courtyard. The completion of the West Addition and Renovation areas will occur during Phase 2, in late 2016.

The "East Addition" will be a 21,000 square foot addition and will feature:

  • Double height dining room with six associated market style food service venues;
  • Sub-basement catering kitchen;
  • Service tunnel and loading dock;
  • Below grade storage space for Campus Center Bookstore;
  • Improved functionality of retail services by removing deliveries and trash removal from public areas;

The "West addition" will be a 55,000 square foot addition and include:

  • 400 seat multi-use auditorium;
  • Multi-use rehearsal room;
  • Student group office suites;
  • Food service venue;
  • Two level fitness center;
  • Meditation room;
  • Student group resource spaces;
  • Various lounges and meeting rooms;

The Renovation portion of the project will address 46,000 square foot in deferred maintenance and include:

  • Upgrades and renovation to create ten market-style food service venues;
  • Gut renovation of the existing "main" kitchen within the 1960's Campus Center;
  • Creation of new lounge spaces;
  • Meeting rooms;
  • Dining seating areas;
  • Offices;

Site work for the project includes:

  • Landscaping surrounding the West Addition;
  • Renovation of the existing bus drop off area near the Science Library;
  • New outdoor green spaces by East Addition;
  • The Central Courtyard (the Hedy Schwartz Bagatelle Courtyard) will be renovated, addressing upgrade needs in the Parents Fountain, expading useable space, and improving landscaping and seating;

The University has designed this building to target LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council, a measure of sustainability and green features of building design, construction, and operations. Green features shall include:

  • Maximization of daylight to reduce lighting needs;
  • Automatic daylight responsive lighting controls;
  • Green roof;
  • Roof mounted photo-voltaic (solar) panels;
  • Permeable pavement;

Project Schedule\Timelines:

The project is currently in the Construction Phase.
  • East Addition - Anticipated occupancy Fall Semester 2015
  • West Addition - Anticipated occupancy late 2016
  • Campus Center Renovation - Planned construction start September, 2015, anticipated occupancy late 2016.


Please contact Brad Bunzey or Dave LaComb at 442-3400 in Facilities.

Project Photos\Renderings
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